Friday, June 22, 2012

Oh No Not Again!!!!

Yesterday evening we set out on the patio under the big awning enjoying the cool breeze from our large floor fan. We like to watch the birds, squirrels and rabbits feed on our bird feeders.
It was getting dark thirty and time to let the big awning in. I usually start on the far end letting down its arm and work my way toward the front arm. Sandy with the awning stick grabs the strap and I release the awning lock to allow it to roll up.

imageJust as I released the lock there was this loud kaboom. I looked at Sandy and her at me. At the same time we both said "what was that"!!!! As I looked toward the back arm I saw that it was no longer in its mounting and the large C-channel arm was resting on the ground and the smaller upper support brace was laying up against the side of the MH. Now what happened I asked myself. Upon closer examination I found that the locking pin for the foot bracket had given away allowing the arm to come crashing down.


So off to the RV store we go hoping they had a replacement foot. Took a photo of the foot that was still intact with my IPhone to show the salesman the part we needed. He first said they probably would have to order the part but would check in the back to see if he could find one. Shortly he came back with part in hand.Yeaaa! I guess if it has RV connected to it you can expect to pay a premium. That sucker set me back $17 and did not include the two mounting flanges to secure it to the C-channel. He suggested I pickup two 1/4-20 x 1/2" stainless steel screws with nut and lock washer. Those set me back nearly $4.

After arriving back home with Sandy's help we began the task of removing the broken foot. With my cordless drill and 1/4" drill bit I drilled out the mounting flanges to free the foot from its mount. We then fitted the new foot to the C-channel and discovered the mounting holes did not line up. They were off a good 1/2" or better. Only recourse was to drill the holes in the C-channel with the 1/4" drill bit using the holes in the foot as my drill guide. After that we were able to mount the new foot to the C-channel with the stainless steel bolts and nuts.

The next challenge was to guide the upper support arm into its track. We first thought we could do this by raising the arm as high as it would go but to no avail. Then I remembered in the larger C-channel there were two screws in the slide channel track. By removing these we were able to slide the upper arm out of its track and insert same in the larger support tubing. Job finished without any other problems. The awning is original and I guess after ten years one can expect these kind of issues.


There was some slight damaged to the rear finder well where the paint was damaged. I hope to polish these out with some fine rubbing compound and paste wax. Other than that we are back in business until something else crops up. Oh we got this fixed   just in time the wind began to pickup and create havoc with the awning. So, we were able to let it in without further damage. otherwise no telling what would have been next.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Man...You and Sandy are going to be versed in RV Repair. I guess I need to bring my MH by for you to inspect and get some things fixed!