Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lets see............

Where do I begin? I guess I need to pickup from my last post where BIL James took our cargo trailer to his deer lease in West Texas. As I indicated he was going to use it for storage of deer corn and camo hunting gear. He also said he slept in it a couple of nights rather than at the motel in town. This allowed him to be at his stand before the crack of dawn. As to that deer with the perfect rack that he wanted to harvest he never saw it again to shoot. He did say that the Saturday evening he finally gave up on it returning to his hunting stand so he left the area. As luck would have it the trophy deer did return to his hunting stand that night as he got pictures of it with his game camera. I wish the film had better quality as I wanted to post a photo but it wasn't to be as there was too much distortion.

Our Thanksgiving was at Sandy’s sisters in Longview. Due to a bad stomach virus I did not make the trip into town. Instead I stayed at home and watched football. We would have gone to my sisters in Porter but her husband had open heart surgery the Friday before Thanksgiving. He had triple by pass and came through it in flying colors. In fact they released him the Saturday after Thanksgiving. He is slowly getting stronger each day and should go back to work hopefully after the first of the year.

December 21st I had a colonoscopy at VA in Shreveport. Those of you that have had this procedure know the prep for the procedure is relenting. Thank goodness I won't have to go through that three day liquid diet and cleansing for at least another two years as I got a clean bill of health from the doctor. The area where they took out some of my colon a year ago looked okay but they wanted the surgeon to view the film and I should hear back on it first of the year.

We had a little scare a couple days ago with our living room slide out. Sandy was busy in the kitchen making Christmas cookies and candy. I was watching TV and all of a sudden we hear the usual "five second delay" lady's voice that warns you about the pending slide out retracting or going out that everything should be clear and arms unlocked. I jumped up as Sandy was hollering hit the slide out button to stop the pending action. Fortunately I made it in time as the slide had retracted about two inches before I was able to stop it.

Can you imagine what would have happened had we not been home. Don't know what activated the switch. We hope this was just a fluke and it doesn't happen again. Will contact our RV dealer after the holidays to see what he might have to say about this. When we leave the motorhome, we will make sure everything in its path is clear until such time we get an answer to this mystery.


This brings us to Christmas Day where we had a big weather event. The system from the west that brought all the terrible weather for most of the US did its part in Lone Star. It started raining about 4am that morning and was the heaviest we've had so far this year. It rained hard all day and our yard looked like a lake as you can see in the photos.


By 5pm the rain turned to snow like no tomorrow. Hugh flakes started to fall and I told Sandy it probably won't stick because the ground was too wet. Well let me tell you before night fall it did start to stick and this morning the ground was covered with


about three inches of snow. It sure was beautiful to look at but it sure made things cold. Our low here last night was 23 degrees which froze our water hose. Fortunately we had our fresh water tank nearly full. Our high today is only going to be 31 degrees so it looks like this stuff just might hang around awhile.

We wish everybody a Blessed and Happy New Year.


Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. We went to Denton to visit with our grand kids and were hoping to see our oldest son...which we did. This is also Sherri's Birthday and she was happy to see all the kids. Hope you two have a Happy New Year..