Friday, September 20, 2013

Maybe It's Time???

Couple posts back I stated I failed my vision test for my drivers license renewal. I failed the distant part of the exam. I was referred to my eye doctor for an eye exam for possible glasses that might improve my distance vision. I stated then that I wasn't ready to give up my independence just yet. As some of you know I don't drive that much anymore anyway due to a torn retina in my right eye that did not get any better after surgery. Sandy does all of our driving in the MH and Jeep. Around here I drive a little like to the local food places, hardware store and smaller towns near our area.

I'm not real comfortable driving in larger cities with a lot of traffic congestion. My peripheral vision just isn't that good when changing lanes etc. So, I try to stay away from that and much as possible. Oh yea, I will drive in those cases where I have no other driver choice. When I do I place myself in the right lane and do not get out of it. Like yesterday I drove myself to the eye doctor in Longview for my vision test. Had no problems got in the right lane and stayed there to and from.

My doctor said my vision in my right eye was 20/80 and my left 20/40. The 20/40 was good enough to get my drivers license renewed but there would be restrictions. He also said that he didn't think glasses would improve my vision that much. So, he signs the form and records my vision test results.

Today Sandy drove me to the Texas DPS to get my drivers license renewed. I presented the form to the lady behind the counter and she said "you known with the vision you have we will only renew your license with restrictions are you sure glasses wouldn't bring your vision up to a least 20/25". My eye doctor said glasses wouldn't help so just what will my restrictions be with the 20/40. She said the restrictions would be:
1) no night time driving. I don't do this anyway no big deal.
2) no expressway driving again I don't do this unless in the case of an emergency.
3) and the biggie no driving any faster than 45mph. I said mam driving at 45mph on our highways that are 60-70mph will get you run over. She said sorry that is the law.
Here is where it states what she said:
The standards for one eye vision are as follows:
(A) without corrective lenses, 20/25 or better in best eye: no visual restriction;
(B) without corrective lenses, worse than 20/25 in best eye: refer to specialist;
(C) on all other case scores: use two-eyed vision standards;
And this is where the 20/40 places me in the 45mph category.

She said I might get the 45mph taken off if my doctor would sign a form that my 20/40 was considered safe. No doctor in his right mind would agree on doing this. I'm scheduled for a laser treatment on my left eye next month and this just may get me back to the 20/25. If not I'll drive the 45mph and hope I don't get run over. Around here that probably won't be a problem anyway. Or just maybe it might be time to just hang the keys up.


Oh......guess what we've had our first measurable rain fall in quiet awhile starting sometime last night and it has rained most of the day. So far we have nearly 2" and it's still a coming down. THANK YOU LORD! We really need the rain.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Good luck with that laser surgery Weldon, hope it gets you back in the fast lane before you get run over.