Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Cargo Trailer Has Gone To BIL James Deer Lease In West Texas


When Sandy and I had our wood craft business we purchased a 8ft x 16ft Pace American Cargo trailer to haul our wood crafts and displays from one show to the next. We used it up until the time I retired 13 years ago. I built special shelving and a work table to build and assemble our wood crafts in addition to holding our inventory while traveling.

We pulled it behind our motorhome and sometimes our half ton Chevrolet pickup. When Sandy did Canton First Monday while I was still working she would haul the trailer behind the motorhome and park it behind our booth. After we retired and moved to Northeast Texas we converted its use to a storage trailer for our personal items and seasonal clothes. It remained this way up until this week where Sandy and I removed all our personal items to another storage building on the property.

Our reasoning for emptying the trailer was we gave it to BIL James who will use it on his deer lease in West Texas. He plans to store in it deer corn, winter camo outfits and other items related to the hunt.
He came over today and hooked it to his F-450 Ford Dually Truck. To our surprise after setting for 13 years all the lights on the  trailer worked fine. He put air in the tires, greased the wheel bearings and off he went.

James called about 5hrs later and said he made the trip without any problems. We had some concern with the tires as they might have been dry-rotted from the trailer just setting for the past thirteen years. I kept them covered and up on boards during this time and I'm sure that helped. After arriving he loaded it with the deer corn he thought he will need for next weeks hunt.

He's hoping that the large ten point buck he saw last week end will come around again as he says " this time I'll be ready for him". We hope he does as we love his venison sausage and chicken fried steaks. He uses a combination pork sausage and special spices for his sausage and I guarantee his chicken fried cutlets do not have that wild taste which is common with venison meat.

Oh…. the photo above was taken from the web and is shown for reference only. It did not look that good after 16 years.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.