Sunday, May 31, 2009

33rd Wedding Anniversary

Tomorrow, June 1st, is Sandy's and my 33rd wedding anniversary. It seems just like yesterday when we were married in Houston, TX. Sandy has not only been a wonderful wife she has been a great Mother to my children for these many years and I thank you dear for that. She has the patience of Job and has a way of putting up with all my many short comings. She also has a way of calming the storms when they appear in our life with her kind words and wisdom. Dear, I am sooo fortunate you came into my life. I thank God every day you and your love are there for me. It has been a great life with you ... thanks for sharing your life and love with me.

We don't have any particular plans tomorrow I hope to get my HWH jack motor replaced and mow the three acres before we head out to Houston. First Monday Canton was a typical summer weekend . We covered our expenses and that is just about all we do during the dog days of summer.
Until next time...... MtnAire Travlers

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Kaylea

Today is our Grand Daughters', Kaylea, 15th Birthday. She is such a lovely young lady. Nana and Papa hope you have a wonderful day and lots of fun on your day. Also congratulation on your vollyball team wining the state championship. We are real proud of you.

The new refrigerator is working great. We went Friday to Mount Pleasant and picked up our TV. They found a loose connection. Wonder if this might have been caused while driving down the highway?? We made a new wall board and attached it with more mounting screws.
We've had several days of rain this week. Today is a great day, very cool and low humidity. My BIL is now mowing the medians along the highways here in Northeast Texas and we have not done much more on his land. We do have all the fence post in and the next step are the fence rails.

Until next time...MtnAire Travlers

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day Mom

I wish to pay special tribute to a wonderful Mother, my Mom Mary Ellen Roffe. She was born in October 1918 and that makes her 91 years young. She had two brothers and two sisters one of which is still living today. She grew up on a farm where she walked to school, picked cotton, survived The Great Depression, World Wars and very hard times that we don't have a clue about today. Even though we just might be headed in that direction now.
She and my late Dad were married in July 1935. They had three children myself, Sister and Brother being the youngest. Mother was the glue that kept the family together. She was a wonderful cook and an excellent role model. She is very close to the Lord and raised her children accordingly. She always has a smile and laughter is easy to come by. She raised us kids to love the Lord, family and country. She never had bad thoughts about anyone. She never met a stranger and loved everyone. She taught us to not hate or think bad things. She told us to always have a forgiving heart . She makes a big compact on everyone she meets with her kindness, love and gentle heart.
Mom there are tons of other things about why you are the greatest Mom I just can't put them all in words. However you are always in my heart and mind.
We send our love and have a Happy Mothers Day.

Until next time.... MtnAire Travlers

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yes... When Things Go Wrong They Do Run In Threes

In my May 4th Journal, I reported two problems we experienced Canton weekend, our Tv and Refrigerator going kaput. I also wondered if bad things run in threes.....well guess what they do.

We left Canton for Camping World in Fort Worth on Monday May 4th and drove to RV Ranch RV Park off I-35 West (about 9 miles south of Camping World). We checked in and was assigned to site 30 which was in the old section and wasn't all that bad. Clear view of the south for our satellite and was shady as well. We drove to Bank of America in Burleson. Afterwards we had lunch and returned to the home on wheels. We checked in with Ken at Camping World to verify that all was still on schedule for the replacement of our refrigerator on Wednesday May 6th at 9:30 am. He advised it was a go and if we wanted to we could come in Tuesday afternoon May 6th and spend the night in their small Rv park behind their facility (electric and water only). We quickly accepted his offer as it would put us there the day before and we would not have to face morning north bound traffic.
We checked in on Tuesday afternoon and all was still a go for the next day. We were up early Wednesday and in front of the bays by 9:15 am. The tech meet us at 9:30 and invited us to their waiting room while he exchanged the refrigerators out. Our service guy Ken came into the waiting room about an hour later and informed us they got the old refrigerator out but was going to have to remove our door in order to get the new one in the coach and it would costs $30 more in labor. What else could we do except to accept the additional cost. About 45 minutes later Ken came back and said they could not get our door panels off and would have to use our old doors. We advised that was not acceptable at all and they need to come up with a solution. Sandy quickly said let me call Cade at Coachlight in Missouri (where we purchased our home) and I bet he can tell us what to do. About that time the tech came back in and said they were able to get the panels off the old doors. About 1pm Ken came in and said they were through and to come to the service desk in about ten minutes to settle up. After paying we drove the home back to our site there at Camping World as we wanted to spend one night to make sure all was well.

We called our friends Mark and Dortha to tell them we were done and they invited us to their home. Upon arrival at their RV their Grandson Andrew wanted to take me for a ride on his Kobota diesel four wheel drive ATV. Off we went and what a blast we had running through mud, water, uphills, down hills, and through the woods. Thanks Andrew for the ride. We visited and then piled in Mark's Jeep and went to dinner at the Mexican Inn and had an excellent meal.

When we got back to the home the freezer was very cold but the bottom wasn't below 60 degs ....bummer what's happening is this possibly number three that has raised its ugly head. We both looked at each other and agreed to not panic but go to bed and check it Thursday morning. Sandy was up first thing that morning and I heard the click of the handle and then.......oh nooooooooo its still not cold.
So we both got dressed and went to eat breakfast and returned to the service desk at 8am sharp where we explained to Martha it was not cooling. She told us to pull it around to the service bay again and they would check it out. While waiting on the service tech Martha came out and said they were going to have to replace it with another one as Dometic said there was a blockage and it would never cool. They had another one in the Dallas warehouse and it would be there between 1-2 pm. So back to our site where we waited and waited. We called Mark and Dortha and brought them up to date on our blight. I finally had all I could stand and called where they explained the new unit was on its way and to go ahead a drive in front of bay one where they would be removing the refrigerator while waiting on the second one to arrive.

To put a end to this they finally got the second one in and the tech told us he felt good about this one and to go ahead and park back in our site and let it run. Well it did cool and everything was good again at the Roffe's house.

We went to bed that night and awoke Friday morning and everything was still in good working order. We checked in with Mark and Dortha and they came over a little before noon to visit and take a look at the new refrigerator.

While at our home our good friend Mark became Sandy's hero. Our swivel cable on the front passenger chair has been broken for many months . I don't have good enough vision to see what to do and Mark said he would be happy to fix it. The project turned out to be longer than Sandy expected but Mark stayed the course and got r' done. Thanks Mark for being our friend and my handy repair man. We then left for a good Chinese buffet and had a excellent meal together. We said our "see ya's" to as they returned to their home to sit Cadden for Scott and Jennifer. Thank you both for sharing your friendship and the good time spent together. Before settling in for the night I want to share the following sunset we experienced Friday evening.

This photo was the most interesting.

We were up early Saturday morning and headed back to Lone Star where we arrived just about noon. After parking the home and setting up I was off to mow the three acres here at base and finished about 4pm. We had threaten rain all evening but nothing fell to the ground.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day so Happy Mother's day to all and especially to my dear wife Sandy, my Mom and Mother-in Law Alice.

Until next time..........MtnAire Travlers

PS Camping World did not charge the $30 door removable fee.

Monday, May 4, 2009

When things Go Wrong, Do They Run Their Course by Threes?

We had first Monday this past weekend and did alright. However, based on the crowd that was there we should have had a much better month. Hope this isn't a thing that we will experience these next few months even though we always can anticipate a slow down during the summer months. While at Canton, our Dometic refrigerator and 26" Samsung LCD TV both cratered. How does that old saying go "bad things run in threes". We are in Ft Worth at RV Ranch where in the morning we will travel up to Camping World and they will install a new Dometic New Dimension refrigerator Wednesday morning. They turned out to be the cheapest of the three bids we got from other Rv Tech people/Dealers. While here we hope to meet up with Mark and Dortha either tomorrow or Wednesday. Haven't had an opportunity to visit with them for nearly six months.
We took the TV out of its mounting up front and will take it to a Samsung authorized dealer when we get back to Lone Star. They first wanted us to ship it back to New Jersey but we convinced them that was not going to work for us.
Will keep you posted on how things go with the installation and if number three raises its ugly head.
Until next time...... MtnAire Travlers