Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brothers 65th Birthday

Tomorrow is my young brothers, Ward Roffe, 65th Birthday and I would like to make this post for him on that special day. Now that he will be 65 he qualifies for Social Security. He tells me he's not going to retire but I'm sure that day will roll around and he will follow is dreams. One can't work all of his life and he certainly deserves that special time that comes along to do your thing what ever it may be. He may not become an Rv'er but I do know he will make all ofhis Grandson's ball games as he certanly makes those he can now. He might even enjoy a little fishing who knows. Well Bub here's wishing you a great day and we send our love as always.
Until next time.....Mtnaire Travlers

Klasse 3-in-1 And Glaze has done it again

The pass several days have been a Motor Home detailer's dream, cool mornings and low humidity has allowed me to really do a wax job. I cleaned and detailed the roof last Thursday (took about four hours). It rained the weekend and Monday I started on the passenger side and three days later finished the job. You can see the reflections in the paint which should tell you just how good this stuff is on a painted surface. I do have to admit I put two coats of glaze on which really brings out the shine and makes the paint finish slick as a baby's b---. To para phase John's commit about Mark's home "you can see stars in my coach but its not night which John was referring to in Mark's wax job. I went outside tonight and didn't see any stars.

My family has asked me to post photo's of our Rv spot here at base. Here are a couple.

This view is from the end cap.

In between my waxing job, I also played foreman over the workers laying the post on my BIL's land next door. Here are some photos of the fence line that we are laying. All property corner post are in and we started digging post holes for the fence posts. We were able to dig 32 post holes today and set three fence posts in concrete before we ran out of cement.

Here's one of the to be gated entrances.

We leave for Canton First Monday tomorrow and on our way out will get the Home greased at a truck lube stop down from us here in Lone Star. They are just about working only part time as their business has taken a down turn since US Steel has shut down their operation here in Lone Star.

Well I've managed to probably bore you to death but I'm real excited about the way my wax job turned out on the old home.

Until next time..............MtnAire Travlers

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Texas Longhorn and Pilgrim Pride

Yesterday we made several side trips on our way into Longview for supplies. Our first stop was at the Josephine Davidson Chapel were we met this big boy. He was our greeter to the chapel but we were not able to get in as the gate was locked....bummer. We did manage to see some more of his friends and found a marker which states this site is a Texas Historical area. We were told this place is opened to the public only twice a year.
Here is another photo of our greeter with his friends in the background.

The land was purchased by Isaiah Davidson (1814-1900) who built in 1876 one of the first framed house in this section of the state. The site became a Mecca for members of the Davidson clan as they moved to Texas. The land was located on a old wagon road (Hwy 154) over which crops were hauled from the black land around Dallas to Port of Jefferson. We hope to learn more when they have their Spring Festival.

Our second trip was to Mt Pleasant where we learned the court house had burned 9 times since 1850 and the latest was in 2006. This town is famous for Pilgrim Pride, Priefert Ranch Equipment and many more but these two being the biggest in the area.

On our way out of town headed to Longview we passed "Bo Pilgrim head statue and his freezer plant. You can go to this web page for more info on the Pilgrim pride organization:
Below the large head bust is a smaller statue of Mr Pilgrim setting on a bench with a chicken next to him. I refer this as setting on the throne and all thats needed is a roll of toliet paper.
We drove through Gilmer, TX and on into Longview where we got our weekly shopping behind us and on to base in Lone Star.
Until next time... MtnAire Travlers

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Very Productive Day at Base in Lone Star

Hi There!
What a beautiful and productive day we enjoyed here in Lone Star. The two workers showed up at 9am and we were off to the land to do some cutting and hauling of brush and tree limbs to the burn pit.

We just about completed the east side of the property and should start digging post holes for the fence posts. We now have located three of the four property markers and have them tagged. The marker on the Northeast corner is still hidden or missing. Will do more looking tomorrow.

Sandy and I then pulled vines and cleared brush near the motor home. We raked pine needles and pine cones near the travel trailer and will haul that off Thursday if the weather holds. Sandy will drive her brothers big tractor while I load the bucket. We have a compose pile here and will add these to it. After all this we hooked our Jeep up to one of the flat bed trailers and helped haul off some more trimmings to the burn pit. We have a pretty good pile now and will need to burn soon.

I still had some energy left and decided it was time to wash the motor home. Will start it's spring waxing and cleaning program tomorrow since our weather is so good. Thanks to my friend Mark who put me on the Klasse wax system and using the Porter Cable buffer. We should accomplish this task in three to four days. I need to also get on the roof and put sealant down on the seams and 303 all the plastic vents. I will never be able to match Mark's wax job and to borrow the phrase John used at Kerrville, "You can see stars in his paint job."

Until next time...... MtnAire Travlers

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Good Friday and Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Old weatherman has done his usual again......always a cold spell just before Easter Sunday. After a brief thunder storm last night today is turned out to be just beautiful here in Lone Star. It looks like Sunday the weather will change again back to rain. Hope not.
Our First Monday at Canton was great! We did better than last year and are very thank full. Our crowd was huge on Friday and Saturday. The Rver's were everywhere you looked. Even had Rv's dry campers on the hill. I guess they were stopping off on their way back home.
My BIL's land next door is beginning to take shape. The old house is now completely gone except for a couple piles of rubbish. Worked over their a couple days cutting up fallen trees and brush. When we can we will begin to burn the wood piles. We are clearing the boundary's to put up a metal post/rail fence. I've started mowing the front right-a-way and it's looking good.
U.S. Steel aka Lone Star Steel made the Dallas Morning headlines last Sunday...."U.S. Steel has northeast Texas in agonizing suspense". The question now is well it close completely? The people in this area will be devastated if that happens. We are already seeing a slow down, close down and going out of business all through this area. You don't see as many truckers going up and down the highway and don't hear pipes banging in the pipe yard near us. There are more men at Arnold's (only restaurant in town) now days drinking coffee and disguising I'm sure what will the future hold.
We went in to Longview yesterday for our weekly major shop.....Walmart, Target, Bookstore, Bestbuy and AT&T. We found out that Apple will be introducing this summer a new software program called 3.0 and it has a lot of promising updates. It is just amazing how much this small hand held device will do and yet there is going to be another 1000 gizmo's coming. The thing Sandy and I are looking forward to is we will be able to tether her Iphone 3G to my laptop when we are away from base. We also learned AT&T mobile will be adding another tower close to us. O-boy!.... finally maybe we will get a better cell phone signal.
I created the following collage of "The Roffe Family" for my Mom, brother, sister and my family.

Also this has probably been all over the Internet but for those who have not seen it here is an Amazing Tree. The wood carver that done these is truly a gifted artiest.

Well I have run out of things to post. Sooooooooooo for now
until the next time..........MtnAire Travlers