Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brothers 65th Birthday

Tomorrow is my young brothers, Ward Roffe, 65th Birthday and I would like to make this post for him on that special day. Now that he will be 65 he qualifies for Social Security. He tells me he's not going to retire but I'm sure that day will roll around and he will follow is dreams. One can't work all of his life and he certainly deserves that special time that comes along to do your thing what ever it may be. He may not become an Rv'er but I do know he will make all ofhis Grandson's ball games as he certanly makes those he can now. He might even enjoy a little fishing who knows. Well Bub here's wishing you a great day and we send our love as always.
Until next time.....Mtnaire Travlers

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY....We are Sherri and Joe Pitman...we don't know you but we would like to. Thanks Weldon for introducing us to your baby brother