Monday, May 4, 2009

When things Go Wrong, Do They Run Their Course by Threes?

We had first Monday this past weekend and did alright. However, based on the crowd that was there we should have had a much better month. Hope this isn't a thing that we will experience these next few months even though we always can anticipate a slow down during the summer months. While at Canton, our Dometic refrigerator and 26" Samsung LCD TV both cratered. How does that old saying go "bad things run in threes". We are in Ft Worth at RV Ranch where in the morning we will travel up to Camping World and they will install a new Dometic New Dimension refrigerator Wednesday morning. They turned out to be the cheapest of the three bids we got from other Rv Tech people/Dealers. While here we hope to meet up with Mark and Dortha either tomorrow or Wednesday. Haven't had an opportunity to visit with them for nearly six months.
We took the TV out of its mounting up front and will take it to a Samsung authorized dealer when we get back to Lone Star. They first wanted us to ship it back to New Jersey but we convinced them that was not going to work for us.
Will keep you posted on how things go with the installation and if number three raises its ugly head.
Until next time...... MtnAire Travlers

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  1. Man that is the luck...We are setting some cash back to take care of ours!! I hate when things like that happen. Well your getting to see Mark and Dortha...Have fun and tell them Hi from Sherri and I...