Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy 2009

Boy, has it been a cold few days. In fact we've not seen the sun for three days. I know I shouldn't complain as there are other areas much nastier and colder. Sandy was up early this morning and off to do some Christmas shopping with her sister... Pam. This will be our first Christmas with her sister and Mike our brother-in-law in quite a number of years... Mike retired this year from the Navy after serving our country for over 20 years. Thank you Mike for your service.

There are many family's and friends who will be separated from their loved ones this Christmas including my family. While we are not physically together you are in our thoughts and prayers. Our two sons, Tony and his family live near Denver, CO while Tim and his family live in Austin, Tx. My family lives in the Houston area while all of Sandy's family is here in the Lone Star, Longview area and Arkansas. The following is our greetings to all:

May the blessings of this Christmas bring the joy of life to each of you.

And may this joy fill 2009 with good health and happiness for all.

Normally we do not see many sunrises or sunsets in this area due to all the tall pines and trees but here back a few evenings ago we had this beautiful sunset.

I don't quite understand why I enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I guess you can look at it as the beginning of a new day and the closure of another day in the book of life which is far better than the other alternative. Weather permitting we leave for Canton the day after Chrismas and will be there through the New Year. Normaly this time of the year is slow... but you can never tell about First Monday. While these may not be the best of times for everyone, but with God's help America will recover and be stronger for the experience.

Until next time...MtnAire Travlers

Monday, December 15, 2008

Only In Texas

My how the weather has changed. Yesterday we were in the 70's having to run the Ac and our small fan. Today it's in the upper 30's and we can get some freezing precep tonight. Whats that old saying..........If you think the weather is nice wait till tomorrow. Or, something like that.

This photo kinda sums it up when you live in Texas.

We had a stranger visit us yesterday at our front door. I was outside doing some chores and I felt something behind me and low and behold this guy showed up and stayed most of the day.

I believe he is a Blue Healer like George Strait's Dog. He was like a shadow...... everywhere I went he followed. I asked Sandy if we could keep him as we needed a good motor home dog. She said we didn't need such a big dog, particularly one in the home on wheels. He proceeded to run off the cat (our mouse catcher) and found something in the woods to our east that really had his attention. He would bark and the hair stood straight up on his back. Never could see what he was so interested in. We have seen deer, coons, armadillos and other critters in the woods but never found out what had him so excited. He did not have a collar so we didn't know if he was a runaway or drop off.
Sandy went to her Mom's that evening to do her meds and dinner. He followed her to the Jeep and that was the last time we saw him. I kinda expected to see him this morning but he wasn't here. Hope he found his home as it is very cold here now.

Sandy took her Mom to the eye doctor and visit her sister in Longview today. I stayed home due to a cold and decided to post some more on the blog. As you can tell I don't have a handle on this yet. Actually this is my second posting of "Only In Texas"....... I did not save my first posting.

I took this photo the other night of our full moon. It didn't turn out to well but the picture is quite interesting. I have named it "lighting from the moon". Actually its my flash bouncing off the MH windshield.

Well I hope I haven't bored you to much today. As you can see I've learned to post my photos at different locations on the blog.
till next time.......................... MtnAire Travlers

PS Just got a call from Sandy and she's on her way home and guess what we're having chili dogs tonight. Just the right meal for such a cold day.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

1st Monday Canton, TX

I promised to post information about 1st Monday Canton. We've being doing Canton for about 18-19 years where when we first started making wood crafts. I would cut it out and Sandy would paint it. We did this until 2001 at which time we stopped and started selling our wares at different craft shows through out the lower states (east coast to west coast). We traveled for about three years at which time our friends Mark and Dortha, Joe and Sheri talked us into coming back to Canton. They were doing it and wanted us to join them as we would all have a ball, which I might add was just that. We could not wait for Canton weekend in order to meet up with them and just enjoy one another. We didn't care if we made money or not, just the fellowship was all that counted. Low and behold our friends dropped Canton leaving us by our self's.

We now setup in Pavilion 4000. There are about 12-14 pavilions plus all the tent people who set up on the grounds. In order to park our home behind our booth we leave usually the Saturday before Ist Monday weekend. If we wait much later we can not get in due to the other vendors around us. We no longer do country wood crafts we now sell a ladies purse insert/organizer. It's called The Chameleon Handbag Inserts/Organizer.

This handy insert works like a removable purse liner with pockets. Just lift it out of one purse with all your stuff intact and drop it into the next purse, tote bag, diper bag,backpack, briefcase, whatever. You will have all your stuff and be organized the same way so you'll know where everything is no matter which bag you are carrying.

Here is our booth with our home in the background.

Well I've rambled more than most will want to read but I'm getting a little smarter each time I blog.
Until next time..........................MtnAireTravlers

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Today is December 7th which we never want to forget the sacrifices our men and women have made for this beloved country. I can remember when my folks had to place black out shades over our windows at night during air raid practices. They used ration stamps for just about everything food, tires, gas etc.... How blessed we are that we right now aren't having to face these hard times. However, if things continue to progress as they have, we too may be doing something similar. I'm not sure we could handle it as well as our Fathers and Mothers did during those times.

Here is a photo of our new to us home.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting Started

This is our first attempt to setting up a blog spot. Unlike our friends, we are new to this and hope to create an interesting blog. We don't travel as much today as we both have aging mothers and hang close to base (Lone Star, TX). We are peddlers and do craft shows with a great product for a women's purse. It's called a Chameleon purse insert/organizer. more later.............

We presently are doing 1st Monday Canton where each first Monday of the month we are one of about 4000 to 5000 vendors that setup and sell their wares for four days. More about 1st Monday later.