Tuesday, December 9, 2008

1st Monday Canton, TX

I promised to post information about 1st Monday Canton. We've being doing Canton for about 18-19 years where when we first started making wood crafts. I would cut it out and Sandy would paint it. We did this until 2001 at which time we stopped and started selling our wares at different craft shows through out the lower states (east coast to west coast). We traveled for about three years at which time our friends Mark and Dortha, Joe and Sheri talked us into coming back to Canton. They were doing it and wanted us to join them as we would all have a ball, which I might add was just that. We could not wait for Canton weekend in order to meet up with them and just enjoy one another. We didn't care if we made money or not, just the fellowship was all that counted. Low and behold our friends dropped Canton leaving us by our self's.

We now setup in Pavilion 4000. There are about 12-14 pavilions plus all the tent people who set up on the grounds. In order to park our home behind our booth we leave usually the Saturday before Ist Monday weekend. If we wait much later we can not get in due to the other vendors around us. We no longer do country wood crafts we now sell a ladies purse insert/organizer. It's called The Chameleon Handbag Inserts/Organizer.

This handy insert works like a removable purse liner with pockets. Just lift it out of one purse with all your stuff intact and drop it into the next purse, tote bag, diper bag,backpack, briefcase, whatever. You will have all your stuff and be organized the same way so you'll know where everything is no matter which bag you are carrying.

Here is our booth with our home in the background.

Well I've rambled more than most will want to read but I'm getting a little smarter each time I blog.
Until next time..........................MtnAireTravlers


  1. Great blog. Keep selling those purse inserts so you can take a trip with us.


  2. Hey this is great. We love your picture!! Keep it up so we can keep track of you

    Joe and Sherri