Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy 2009

Boy, has it been a cold few days. In fact we've not seen the sun for three days. I know I shouldn't complain as there are other areas much nastier and colder. Sandy was up early this morning and off to do some Christmas shopping with her sister... Pam. This will be our first Christmas with her sister and Mike our brother-in-law in quite a number of years... Mike retired this year from the Navy after serving our country for over 20 years. Thank you Mike for your service.

There are many family's and friends who will be separated from their loved ones this Christmas including my family. While we are not physically together you are in our thoughts and prayers. Our two sons, Tony and his family live near Denver, CO while Tim and his family live in Austin, Tx. My family lives in the Houston area while all of Sandy's family is here in the Lone Star, Longview area and Arkansas. The following is our greetings to all:

May the blessings of this Christmas bring the joy of life to each of you.

And may this joy fill 2009 with good health and happiness for all.

Normally we do not see many sunrises or sunsets in this area due to all the tall pines and trees but here back a few evenings ago we had this beautiful sunset.

I don't quite understand why I enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I guess you can look at it as the beginning of a new day and the closure of another day in the book of life which is far better than the other alternative. Weather permitting we leave for Canton the day after Chrismas and will be there through the New Year. Normaly this time of the year is slow... but you can never tell about First Monday. While these may not be the best of times for everyone, but with God's help America will recover and be stronger for the experience.

Until next time...MtnAire Travlers


  1. Great picture...

    Hope you guys have a great Christmas. I know Sandy is excited that Pam and Mike are here for the holidays.

    Hugs and see you soon.


  2. Great Blog!! You are off to a good start! You don't know me but I know you through Mark and Dortha and Sherri and Speedy. You kep writin' I'll keep readin'. In the meantime You can find me at or
    Jenny J

  3. Now that is a great photo! You need to post more often!!!