Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Belated New Year

We spent our New Year at Canton's First Monday and was not able to do any posting. Sandy and I wish everyone a Happy, healthy and may you have many blessings for the coming year. May each of you be all you can be and want to be in 2009.
January Canton was a good weekend for us not only in the selling of our purse inserts, we also got to visit some long time friends, Joe and Sherri. We had a great lunch at Jewels in Canton and then followed them to their base to see their new "Dream RV" 5th wheel. What a nice home! Joe also showed me his shop and boy what a shop everything one needs to do master craftsman and handy work etc. He also showed us the drawers he made for Sherri's cabinets and I can only say what a craftsman! We had a great visit and caught up on some of their plans when Joe retires.

Here is a photo of Sandy's (and mine too) family at Christmas.

Left to right
Mike, Pam, James, Niece
Alice, Sandy and Bev

2008 did not have a real good ending for Sandy and I as we had some unusual problems with the home and towed. We ran our battery down by leaving some accessory on in the home on wheels and due to my stupidity... I failed to place the key in the proper location to unlock the front wheels and yes it did nearly drag all the tread off the front tires. Sooo looks like we are going to have to purchase new tires for the Jeep.

The weather at Canton was very unusually hot and then very cold Sunday (ONLY IN TEXAS). We had a good crowd Thursday, Friday and Saturday and the usual crowd for Sunday (tire kickers) people who come for turkey legs and to get out of the house. We've had rain all day today and it looks like it has settled in for the next few days. Hope we can see the sun soon.

WOW What a Game!!!!!!

Texas 24 - Ohio 21


I wonder what the poll esters will do now??????? The come back kids-Congratulations Horns!

Untill next time.... MtnAire Travlers


  1. Happy New Year to you both.

    Man, those tires...been there done that. Guess all you can do is laugh. Thank goodness you had a good month at Canton.


  2. We really enjoyed you guys coming over and hope that we can get together again real soon. Maybe we should put Jewel's on our calendar for a monthly meet??? Thanks for the mention in your journal...Hope to see you both soon

    Joe and Sherri