Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Only If It Could Tell Stories

Yesterday afternoon I went for a stroll in the woods where we park hoping to take some photos of birds and wild game. Instead I stumbled upon this deserted home (how long I don't know) but can you imagine the stories it could tell if it talked. I would have many questions to ask like how old are you, how many family's have lived with you, the happy times, and the sadness that has occurred over the many years. What did the family(s) do for a living?Why are you vacant and on and on.I guess this blog could mirror Speedys recent blog about sitting on the rock.

The longer I set there my mind traveled back in time about what was the family like that built this home raised children, worked, schooled, worshipping, deaths, achievements, hardships and failures.
Here is the back of the home.

And, guess what they were RV'ers! Here is a photo of their travel trailer. I can't imagine us today full timing in this little blue thing. I am sure they used it for weekend outings, going too The Lake O' Pines which is about 25-30 miles east of us. it's a COE park and has several camping sites. We like to stay at the Johnson CG.

We've had several inquires about the purse inserts we peddle at Canton and other craft shows. Here is some photo's and brief info on them. For more you can go to our web page


We finally... after five months since Hurricane Ike hit the Houston area received a settlement from my Mother's insurance company to repair her roofs and the damaged done inside the home due to water leakage from the rain. Now if the contractor can schedule the job and repair the damage we can put the home on the market. I know my sister will be glad as unfortunately she has had to dealt with it since she lives in Houston.
The past 10 days have just been wonderful as far as the weather goes. Cold at nights but just great days. Clear blue skies and in the mid 50's to low 60's. Little windy though, hope this holds thru Canton weekend Jan 30-Feb 1.

Well I,ve run out of things to say so I leave you for now.

Until next time.... MtnAire Travlers


  1. Don't you know that house has many stories to tell, but I bet the little blue trailer could tell more.


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  3. What a great post. See I told you that there was many stories out there that you could reveal to us. You just have to get out there and find them. Maybe a follow up is for you to go down and find the county records on this property and find out who it was that owned it last and do a story on that. That would be too cool!