Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sounds Like Hail

It doesn't look like hail but the other night with the last cold front it certainly sounded like hail on the roof. The picture to the left is actually a sweet gum ball from a large sweet gum tree we park near. When it sheds it's thorny balls and the wind is real high they bombard the motor home. This is not a new phenomena as it happens every year but sometimes it catches you off guard like the other night.

This is what it looked like the next morning all those brown looking spots on the ground are sweet gum balls.

You do not want to step on them barefooted as they hurt. On well... another season of gum ball droppings and we will rake them up when they finish dropping.
We've had some of our friends ask about First Monday grounds. Here is a map of the grounds, we are in Pavilion 4000 booth 4271. As you can see this is a huge flea market. They say if you can't find it at Canton it doesn't exist.

We purchased four new tires last week for the Jeep. Remember I drug the tread off the front tires because I failed to unlock the steering wheel when towing. How stupid of me. I shopped at four different tire dealers in the Longview area and Sams had the best price on the tires I wanted to put on the Jeep.

In the middle of the week I spent about four hours on the roof sealing and caulking the seams and around the vents. You see we had a leak inside the bath area and as most of you who own RV's know its hard to tell where the water is coming from. I believe I found the seam where the water entered (the side cap on the drivers side where two crowns join had the sealant missing in several spots). We have not had rain yet... sooo I really don't know if I fixed the the area where the water has been coming in from.

The weather during the day has been near perfect. A little cold but the sun has been out for the past three days. I might add however that it does get cold at night. Speaking of night the full moon last night was just beautiful.

I see the price of fuel is climbing back up here in North Texas. It's still cheaper than the $4 we saw several months ago. Lets just hope it doesn't get that high again. If it does we all might have to revert back to the Original SUV.

I've been watching the playoffs this weekend. While I don't have a particular favorite, I can say so far its good to see the underdogs whip up on the Divisional Champs in each bracket. Maybe we will have all new teams in the Super Bowl this year. Can't believe how the the Arizona Cardinals whipped up on the Carolina Panthers.

The sunset here this evening is just beautiful must get some pictures.

Until next time.... MtnAire Travlers


  1. Don't worry about your roof. It only leaks when it rains...Be lucky you caught it early!!
    You can find me at
    Jenny J

  2. You must read Jenny j's journal she is the best in the west. You would really like Jenny. I can see where all those seeds hitting you MH at one time could wake you up out of a sound sleep.