Sunday, July 21, 2013

She’s At it Again!

kubota 1Been a while since I last posted and probably have lost most of our readers. To be honest just not much happening around here. so, this is to catch up.

Had a cancer growth removed from the old noggin in March; Sandy lost her Mom in May; finally got around to working in the Man Cave (now we have a large TV and refrigerator for cold beverages) ; Sandy's brother James installed a washer and dryer in the Man Cave for her to use when at base; we are still making improvements around the base and finally but not the least James is to have a stent put in one of his arteries this Tuesday July 23rd.

kubota 2Speaking of improvements we have several what we call trash trees near the MH port where we park the motorhome. These are young Elm, Sweet gum, Pine and Cedar which are about 6-8" in diameter and 20-25' tall. We do not want these to get any bigger so we decided to take them out.

kubota 3So yesterday Sandy was at it again using James' Kubota to take them down and pile them on the burn pile for future burning. The trees being this small we were able to push them over and with the fork pull roots and all out of the ground.

We now need to clean up our mess but will gradually do this as our days are getting hotter. Early morning seems to be the best time for this project. We've had a very unusual July so far..... cool mornings, highs in the mid to low 90's and the best of all rain for several days just about every week now. We are so thankful as usually July for this part of Northeast Texas is usually hot and dry.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.