Friday, July 30, 2010

Dog Days Of August In Canton


This is what our weather is to be like for the next several days. All I can say is When setting in the booth with two fans blowing on you it’s still hot. The fans are just blowing hot air. Have I just pointed myself out ….full of hot air? Customers are wondering like zombies and have on the bare minimum of clothing. People are so funny why would you want to get out in this stuff. I even ask myself why  I’m here. Parent’s with small children and their dogs are here… how careless..
Its not the money, its to cover our expenses and that’s all it is for this time of the year. Lot of the vendors don’t come in August but they still must pay their rent or lose their spot. Yes, the owner will rent out your spot to a temporary. So,its a win win situation for him.Like double dipping he comes out and if your not here you lose. imageWe have four new temporary vendors acroo0s from us. One of them happens to be our friends Ed and Sharrine who we use to do craft shows with in Oklahoma.

We had a pretty good storm come through the other night. The wind picked up and the rain came down in sheets. We had lots of thunder and lighting.  I just wish this system came out of the North instead of the Southeast. I’m sure had it…. it would have cooled things down.

image We were expecting some possible hail with this system but are very thankful that nothing like that materialized. We were reading Rollie’s AND Gina’s blog and they just missed a hail storm near Rapid City, SD that had golf ball size hail.

After the storm passed through we had this beautiful moon rise.image Sorry, for the moon not being any clearer but I shot this with no tripod. I don’t own one anyway, I just used the side of the MH to brace myself.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our World Has Become To Techie

I wish there was a way I could box up Rick with Rick & Paulette’s Travels and ship him to us here in Texas. I would have him set by my computer and teach me all he knows. I really enjoy reading his tech tips on his blog. They have taught Sandy and I a lot but there are so many techie things now that its difficult for an old person like myself to keep up with it.  I’m sure Paulette would mind though as I’m a slow learner. So, I guess I’ll just set and wait to read more of his blogs (which I do anyway regardless whether he has written about tech things or just telling us about his beautiful part of the world).

For example before Sandy got her Iphone she rarely would set down at my computer and now she's really got into this tech world and thoroughly enjoys it. She is learning more than I and that makes me proud of her. She is also showing some interest in the Ipad. Does anyone out there have one. What do you think about it?

However, we just may have to many techie devices as when she does something on her Iphone 3GS it effects my 3G Iphone which use to be hers. We both have the same updates and email address. So, when I delete and email on my phone it does hers too. She doesn’t like that as they are things like Kraft Foods, The Food Channel, William Sonoma and so on. So, until we can change one of our email address’s I won’t delete any and allow her to do that.

The following i received in an email:

A rare sight!!
Yosemite National Park, California , USA
This park was gazette as a national park in 1890. It is world famous for its rugged terrain, waterfall and century-old pine trees. It covers 1200 sq km and the "fire" waterfall of El Capitan is one of the most spectacular of all scenery.
The spectacular view of the waterfall is created by the reflection of sunlight hitting the falling water at a specific angle. This rare sight can only be seen at  a 2-week period towards the end of February. To photograph this rare event, photographers would often have to wait and endure years of patience in order to capture them. The reason is because its appearance depend on a few natural phenomenon's occurring at the same time and luck.



image  image

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Simply Amazing

Our friend Carol from Georgia sent us a email with a YouTube attachment titled “The Horse Whisperer”. I know this is one of those “don’ts on ALs list” but if you are a animal lover or particularly love horses you will find this lady and her horse simply amazing. The email read as follows:

“This girl  riding the horse is in her 20's - her dad just died 24 days   before this performance. You can hear her dedication to him just before her performance.Notice that it is just her and the horse - no bit, no saddle, no spurs. She just uses signals and verbal cues. Oh yeah, this isn't even her horse. She is training it for someone else, although she obviously has a relationship with this one. I don't know how much you know about horseback riding, but when they go fast, her bum isn't even bouncing off the horse like you will see with most people. Don't know how she did that. ”

Go to this attachment if you want to enjoy one of the best horse and rider performance I’ve ever had the pleasure watching. What great joy was it to see person and animal bond together.  You won’t be sorry you did I promise.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Has That Time Finally Arrived…..Maybe Not


The older I get the harder it becomes to get up on my roof of the RV to clean and do maintenance. So, I finally broke down and had my  motor home washed and cleaned by Zach who works for my BIL James. He is 19 years old and gets around as you would expect a young person to do. He arrived Saturday at 8:30am and completely washed and treated all my plastic vent covers and slide out gaskets by 10:30 am. He did a good job and his services only cost me $40.00. We will use him again and pay him to do some more maintenance chores on the home. While Zach was on my roof he discovered we had several places where the sealant on our seams showed cracks.

We made an appointment with him to come back Monday evening when it turned a little cooler to do the sealing. When he arrived it was still in the 90’s and he had his cowboy boots on, no hat and looked completely exhausted as he weed eats for James. I decided it wasn’t a good time for him to do the patching and told him let’s plan on it when we returned from Canton First Monday. Now this is where the “maybe not” comes in. The more I thought about it the more concerns I had about those cracks and I convinced Sandy I could still climb the ladder and get on the roof to seal the seams.

So, Thursday morning we were up early and with the sealer in hand and the brushes, I was on the roof and sealing the seams by 7:30am. Now this is where “time has finally arrived” comes into play. While on the roof I experienced several Charlie  Horses in my legs as I was on my knees several hours. I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to come off the roof but after stretching my legs out and waiting several minutes I was able to climb down. We will have to give it some thought before we will do that again. I’m glad I did seal the seams as it looks like Tropical Storm Bonnie could track up to northeast Texas and bring a lot of rain with it.

Well we are at Canton now for the  “Dog Days of August”  First Monday. We were off by 6:30am and arrived without incident and are setup behind our booth by 9am. We were blessed with a strong wind out of the South that held the temperatures down.

Notice the woodpecker and the Blue jay sharing the feeder
We don’t understand why the woodpecker hangs off the feeder but noticed in the photo on Mike and Gerri’s blog “Never say Never”  he hangs off the same way. Their photo is a lot better than this one.

This must be Cardinal country has we’ve seen more Cardinal’s at our feeders than any other species. The country squirrels still haven’t figured out our feeders completely but they do use our bird water bath  for drinking.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What A Disappointment

Yesterday Sandy and I went into Longview to do some earns and have lunch with her sister Pam. Also we wanted to drop off the approval form for my VA doctor to fax to my eye doctor that I was fit and sound to have my cataract surgery on the 27th. The VA Longview clinic had just moved to a new location and I might add a great improvement over their old facility. I checked in at the front desk and explained the purpose of my visit and wanted to talk to my doctors nurse.

The nurse saw me in about ten minutes in which I explained my purpose for coming in that morning.  She explained he may not sign it since it was 60 days ago since he last saw me. She left and in about 5 minutes she returned with the form and said he would not sign it as “how did he know I actually had a cataract and needed it removed”. I never head of such a thing one doctor questioning another's integrity. He said since I had not had my eyes checked at VA Shreveport he  would not fax the form of approval until I visited the eye doctor at VA. I told her that would take weeks and my surgery was next week and how difficult it was to get this surgery date. But anything I had to say just caused me to get more angry and it was no point going there. I did express my disappointment in him. I had a cataract removed about for years ago and had no problem with my doctor then  sending the approval form. so, now I have to wait for an appointment with the eye doctor in Shreveport and then just maybe this guy will sign the release form and I can get on with the cataract surgery. Rest of the story to follow……………..

Until next time…..MtnAire Travlers.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Don’t You Just Love It When A Plan Falls Into Place


I’ve been procrastinating now for about two months on tackling that messy automatic water hose reel in my water bay. When we purchased this motorhome the reel was in pretty bad shape. It was real rusty looking at the mounting base and left rusty stains around the base. The hose was eight years old and needed replacing and the only way to do this is completely take the reel out. So, Friday morning Sandy and I were up early as we wanted to tackle this in the cooler morning than later in the day when it would be so hot.

The evening before I had sprayed the mounting screws with a rust penetrating spray so hop0efully it would make it easier to break the mounting screws. With Sandy’s help we identified the type of screws they were and I went to loosen them and the heads were so rusty they crumbled. As luck woul have it the reel was still mounted solid to the floor of my water bay compartment. The only thing I knew to do was get a drill with a small grinding wheel and grind the bolt heads off. This didn’t work as I could not get the wheel in the area needed to grind the heads. BIL James just happened to be here that morning working on his brush hog. I went over to ask him if he might have a smaller grinding wheel. The next thing I knew he and one of his helpers walked over to the motorhome to take a look. James instructed his helper to go get a large screw driver and small sledge hammer. Bang!…bang! and the reel broke loose from it’s mounting.  Their solution was quite simple.


Once we were able to remove the reel Sandy and I got busy and cleaned out the rust marks and the entire bay. In the photo you can see where the reel was mounted as we were not able to remove all of the rust stains. So the next step was to figure out how I was going to connect a 25ft water hose. As you can see I installed a short piece of hose to my check valve coming off the house water filter.


In this photo you can see the final results of our effort. By not having the reel in the compartment we have so much more room. Don’t you just love it when a plan falls into place. Thanks to BIL James and his helper our job went a little easier. I was to embarrassed to show pictures of the before we took on this project.
(Click on pictures to enlarge)

image imageUntil next time…. MtnAire Travlers.

PS BIL James said they could cut off the old rusty base and weld on a new base. Going to have to think about this or as my sweet wife would say “process it for awhile”.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Progress Being Made On BIL’s Land

david re This past Saturday James my BIL  was having 20 loads of iron ore and dirt mixture to his land to start the road into the property and someday our future RV pad  site.They started early and delivered six of the 20 (14 yards per dump truck) but had to call it quits due to a down pour we had most of that morning. So, we went back to the RV and that evening watched the Nascar race at Chicagoland race track. David Reutimann won the race and he is one of her favorite drivers.

Sunday was a do nothing day except we watched the World Cup Finals which Spain won. I’m not that much of soccer fan but for some reason I really got into the game and wanted to learn more about the sport. One thing I can say about the victors is their fans celebrated the win without burning down  Madrid. Their celebration was a  class act.

image Monday James called and wanted to know if we were going to be home that day and we said yes. The reason he asked was the remaining fourteen loads were to be delivered that morning. While Sandy spotted the dump trucks so they would dump in the area her brother wanted  I mowed the three acres. It took a little longer than usual as the grass had really grown due to all of our rain. In fact in order to rid the cut grass that had pretty well piled up after cutting I went back with a higher setting of the blades to spread it out more. imageMonday evening James started to spread some of the loads for his driveway.  He was able to spread the first six loads that were delivered Saturday. The remaing fourteen will have to wait as he is mowing a pipe line over in Rusk County.

Tuesday we had to go into Longview to pick up supplies for Mom Alice and ourselves. We spent most of the day in Longview where we dropped by the AT&T store to look at the new Iphone 4.0. The screen is a lot better than our 3GS and 3G. It also has multitasking and file folders which is a great improvement. We’ve heard stories about the signal strength in some areas were not good if you held it in your hand and touched the lower left corner of the phone. We did not experience this as we were in a 3G area. Afterwards we had the salesman replace our film that protects the face on our phones. Sure made a big difference in the clarity of our screens.

This brings us to today Wednesday were we had to go back to Longview to visit my eye doctor. The cataract in my left eye (my only good eye) has matured to where it qualifies for Medicare with supplemental to be removed. My doctor has scheduled me for surgery on July 27th in Tyler. We will drive there from Canton that morning. I’m a little worried abut this but he has assured me everything will be fine.

Here are some pictures of recent visitors to our feeders.image image Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Heat and Heat Index’s Are On The Rise Again

image We’ve had some nice rain bands roll across our area everyday for the past four days. These all are coming up from the Gulf Of Mexico as the result of another tropical depression. Our humidity is high again and our heat is climbing back up there. Of course this appears to be happing all over the country now.
Sunday evening rather than drive back to Lone Star, we parked in our usual spot and as dark approached we heard these series of booms. We open our windshield  curtain and witness the prettiest firework display we’ve seen in awhile. It turns out the fireworks we saw Saturday night must have been a private showing as the one we saw Sunday night was by the City of Canton. They lasted for about thirty minutes. I missed the grand finale as my battery in the camera died.image We returned to Lone Star Monday morning and set up our home in the muggy humidity and later that evening I mowed the three acres. Since it had been about ten days since I last mowed the grass was quite tall but the Scagg 48” cut mower never slowed down. It did take about three and one half hours to complete the job. The sun was setting in the west as I was cleaning up the mower.

It poured down rain both Tuesday and Wednesday and I can actually see the grass growing. Won’t be long I’ll be doing it again. I don’t mind though as setting on that lawn mower is very peaceful and allows the mind to reflect.

I had a doctors appointment Thursday with VA where they checked my INR level (1.9) they prefer that it be in the 2.0 – 2.3 range to make sure I’m not taking too much warfarin. Also saw my nutritionist and she was pleased I dropped six pounds since my last visit. Also since I quite adding table salt to any food I eat my blood pressure average for the past sixty days is 123/68 and heart rate of 65. Its surprising how eliminating something like salt can do so much for your well being. I've had to learn that taste for bad health isn’t good for ya though. Like eating fresh garden tomatoes and cold watermelon, eggs and beacon was a little tuff at first but now I’ve acquired a taste that I can eat these without salt. I sure do douse my food with black pepper though.

BIL James is making more progress on the land, he is suppose to have some iron ore gravel delivered this week to start on the bed of his drive way into the property. After this bed is put down he will decide on the final surface. Right now he is leaning toward asphalt depending on cost. So, maybe it won’t be long and we’ll start laying the water and sewer lines over to our future pad.

That pretty well sums up our week…… Kind of boring isn’t it.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

 Pimagehoto by Getty Images

Happy 4th of July everyone. Even though we are at Canton’s First Monday we still were able to celebrate the tradition on July 4th. Friday night we watch Dale Jr take the checkered flag driving a tribute car to his father in the Nationwide  Series race.  Dale Jr drove the No. 3 Wrangler car honoring his Dad , Dale Earnhardt Sr. Last night we grilled hamburgers and watch the fireworks done by the city. Afterwards we watched the Sprint Cup Coca-Cola 400 race and boy did it have excitement. Today we had the traditional watermelon. We also    want to honor our men and women in the military who help protect our freedom to allow us to celebrate the 234th birthday of our nation.

Here’s a poem that was sent to me and boy does it cover the bases of  “ Why I Love America”.


By Dr. Jack Hyles

It was the Monday morning of the opening of the 1977 Pastors' School. Several thousand men of God were traveling from all across America to assemble at our church for a week of training. America lay heavy on my heart. While in tears all the time and on my knees much of the time, I expressed the reasons that I love America. This poem was read during the sermon, "One Nation Under God," which was preached before several thousand at the aforementioned Pastors' School.

I love Thanksgiving when we pray,

And July 4th and Labor Day

With picnics, ants, and hungry flies,

And barbecue and hot French fries,

With Cokes and chips and apple pies

Beneath some hazy, lazy skies.

I love Miami's royal palm

That oozes forth a healing balm

Beside the ocean's quiet calm.

And Betsy Ross, and Orville Wright,

And dear Ben Franklin's flying kite;

And Thomas Jefferson's mightly quill,

And Alamo, and Bunker Hill,

And Paul Revere's midnight ride,

And Wilbur Wright's successful glide.

I love United's friendly skies;

And baseball when the umpire cries,

"Play ball!" as thousands quietly rise

To turn their moistened sober eyes

Toward waving flag that proudly flies.

And Casey Stengal's Stengaleze,

And Dairy Queen, and Tastee Freeze,

And cotton candy at the zoo;

And corny dogs and Big Macs too;

And Burger Kings, and shopping malls,

And hockey pucks, and basketballs.

And Mississippi's cotton fields,

And Holland, Michigan's spinning wheels;

Monotonous midwestern plains,

Florida's sun, Seattle's rams.

Atlanta's lovely, dogwood trails,

And Santa Fe's long clicking rails.

I love the Rocky Mountain peaks

Beneath a sky which mutely speaks;

And Disney World, and Disney Land,

And Georgia's fertile blood-red sand:

The Mississippi, and Rio Grande;

Wisconsin's cheese and dairy land.

I love McDonald's chocolate shakes,

And Minnesota's thousand lakes;

The Royal Gorge's mighty yawn,

A sleepy Alabama dawn;

The harvest moon that shineth on.

I love to gaze at Yellowstone

While licking on an ice cream cone;

And Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge;

And Ford, and Chevrolet, and Dodge.

I love the stately Empire State,

And San Francisco's Golden Gate.

I love St. Louis' friendly arch,

The Statue of Liberty's burning torch,

The Washington Monument's prickly goad,

And Colorado's trail ridge road.

I love "My Country, Tis of Thee,"

Oh, blessed land of liberty.

Long may our glorious land be bright,

With freedom's wondrous holy light,

Protect us by Thy matchless might.

I love to stand with hand o'er heart

And think of those who did their part,

Who left a mom a lone gold star,

Whose bodies rest 'neath fields afar.

I love New England's rolling farms,

Its quaint decor and blushing charms.

I love the azalea's freshened blooms,

East Texas' roses sparkling plumes.

I love it when my church choir sings,

And know the peace that worship brings.

There beats within my breast a dream

That that small faint and flickering gleam

Will soon become a mighty flame

To spread to all His matchless name:

That those dear four who call me "Dad"

Will know the country I have had;

Where freedom's flag flies proud and high,

And those dear ones may loudly cry,

"I'm free! My dad helped make it so.

That faint small gleam is now aglow!

That Christian land that he once knew

Is now the kind that we know too!

God's judging hand has now been stayed,

So I and mine are not afraid,

For churches like our own abound

In every city, village, town!

We're free to witness, visit, teach

The same dear truths we heard Dad preach!

And now we vow to God above

To pass it on to those we love."

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Thanks To Alex Things Are Much Cooler!

2xradarc3 Even though we hate to see hurricanes in the Gulf, Alex has managed to bring our temperatures down. We right now no longer have the high temperatures with the high heat index's. We are having bands of showers rolling through that is keeping our temps down. The moisture is also much needed.

The rain has not effected our July 4th weekend crowd. It’s typically slow this time of the year anyway and the dog days of August that's coming up will also assure us of even smaller crowds. Our fall shows are the ones most vendors wait for and usually are good enough to keep us coming back to First Monday.

Thanks to those that have given me info on the Lumix camera. I haven’t purchased one yet but did find you can get it through for only $240.00. Of course Jerry with Our Life On Wheels says he got a ZS6  at Costco for $239. Our closest Costco is Dallas which is a three hour drive for us. Will continue to look into the possibility of getting one someday down the road.

product-wifi Right now I need for Sandy to make up her mind about the Ipad or the eBook readers that are available. Sandy does a lot of reading and feels she would like to have a reader and pretty well had her mind made up on a Kindle but then the Ipad comes along. If any of you readers out their have eBook readers, we sure would like to hear from you. I know their are pros and cons on everything and believe me Sandy has done the research about those that are available on the market. I lean toward the Ipad as it has much more going for it than just a reader but again its quite costly. If she did get a reader I'm sure our weight would go down drastically on the home, as we would not have the need to carry all those books with us. hahaha Yes, guys she going to kill me for saying this!

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.