Friday, July 2, 2010

Thanks To Alex Things Are Much Cooler!

2xradarc3 Even though we hate to see hurricanes in the Gulf, Alex has managed to bring our temperatures down. We right now no longer have the high temperatures with the high heat index's. We are having bands of showers rolling through that is keeping our temps down. The moisture is also much needed.

The rain has not effected our July 4th weekend crowd. It’s typically slow this time of the year anyway and the dog days of August that's coming up will also assure us of even smaller crowds. Our fall shows are the ones most vendors wait for and usually are good enough to keep us coming back to First Monday.

Thanks to those that have given me info on the Lumix camera. I haven’t purchased one yet but did find you can get it through for only $240.00. Of course Jerry with Our Life On Wheels says he got a ZS6  at Costco for $239. Our closest Costco is Dallas which is a three hour drive for us. Will continue to look into the possibility of getting one someday down the road.

product-wifi Right now I need for Sandy to make up her mind about the Ipad or the eBook readers that are available. Sandy does a lot of reading and feels she would like to have a reader and pretty well had her mind made up on a Kindle but then the Ipad comes along. If any of you readers out their have eBook readers, we sure would like to hear from you. I know their are pros and cons on everything and believe me Sandy has done the research about those that are available on the market. I lean toward the Ipad as it has much more going for it than just a reader but again its quite costly. If she did get a reader I'm sure our weight would go down drastically on the home, as we would not have the need to carry all those books with us. hahaha Yes, guys she going to kill me for saying this!

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.


  1. I too vote on the ipad.
    Glad the weather has cooled down for you guys, it's a shame it took a hurricane.
    Take care and be safe.
    Mike & gerri

  2. We are in Dallas this holiday weekend and it has rained off & on Friday and all night. The Dallas traffic was even worse.

    I purchased my ZS5 at B&H Photo when they had a $20 discount which made it $219. Keep a watch on them for a future discount.

    Hope you two have a prosperous market days.

    Mac & Dianna