Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Progress Being Made On BIL’s Land

david re This past Saturday James my BIL  was having 20 loads of iron ore and dirt mixture to his land to start the road into the property and someday our future RV pad  site.They started early and delivered six of the 20 (14 yards per dump truck) but had to call it quits due to a down pour we had most of that morning. So, we went back to the RV and that evening watched the Nascar race at Chicagoland race track. David Reutimann won the race and he is one of her favorite drivers.

Sunday was a do nothing day except we watched the World Cup Finals which Spain won. I’m not that much of soccer fan but for some reason I really got into the game and wanted to learn more about the sport. One thing I can say about the victors is their fans celebrated the win without burning down  Madrid. Their celebration was a  class act.

image Monday James called and wanted to know if we were going to be home that day and we said yes. The reason he asked was the remaining fourteen loads were to be delivered that morning. While Sandy spotted the dump trucks so they would dump in the area her brother wanted  I mowed the three acres. It took a little longer than usual as the grass had really grown due to all of our rain. In fact in order to rid the cut grass that had pretty well piled up after cutting I went back with a higher setting of the blades to spread it out more. imageMonday evening James started to spread some of the loads for his driveway.  He was able to spread the first six loads that were delivered Saturday. The remaing fourteen will have to wait as he is mowing a pipe line over in Rusk County.

Tuesday we had to go into Longview to pick up supplies for Mom Alice and ourselves. We spent most of the day in Longview where we dropped by the AT&T store to look at the new Iphone 4.0. The screen is a lot better than our 3GS and 3G. It also has multitasking and file folders which is a great improvement. We’ve heard stories about the signal strength in some areas were not good if you held it in your hand and touched the lower left corner of the phone. We did not experience this as we were in a 3G area. Afterwards we had the salesman replace our film that protects the face on our phones. Sure made a big difference in the clarity of our screens.

This brings us to today Wednesday were we had to go back to Longview to visit my eye doctor. The cataract in my left eye (my only good eye) has matured to where it qualifies for Medicare with supplemental to be removed. My doctor has scheduled me for surgery on July 27th in Tyler. We will drive there from Canton that morning. I’m a little worried abut this but he has assured me everything will be fine.

Here are some pictures of recent visitors to our feeders.image image Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Sorry to hear you are needing eye surgery. I've never had cataracts but my mom and dad as well as Mike's had that surgery. It really improved their vision. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers that all will go very well and you too will have improved vision. :)
    I love the woodpecker!! We had a Red-bellied woodpecker at our feeder at Pine Mountain RV Resort but we haven't been able to draw one to the feeders at FDR. I hear some woodpeckers in the woods but can't see them.

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)