Friday, July 9, 2010

Our Heat and Heat Index’s Are On The Rise Again

image We’ve had some nice rain bands roll across our area everyday for the past four days. These all are coming up from the Gulf Of Mexico as the result of another tropical depression. Our humidity is high again and our heat is climbing back up there. Of course this appears to be happing all over the country now.
Sunday evening rather than drive back to Lone Star, we parked in our usual spot and as dark approached we heard these series of booms. We open our windshield  curtain and witness the prettiest firework display we’ve seen in awhile. It turns out the fireworks we saw Saturday night must have been a private showing as the one we saw Sunday night was by the City of Canton. They lasted for about thirty minutes. I missed the grand finale as my battery in the camera died.image We returned to Lone Star Monday morning and set up our home in the muggy humidity and later that evening I mowed the three acres. Since it had been about ten days since I last mowed the grass was quite tall but the Scagg 48” cut mower never slowed down. It did take about three and one half hours to complete the job. The sun was setting in the west as I was cleaning up the mower.

It poured down rain both Tuesday and Wednesday and I can actually see the grass growing. Won’t be long I’ll be doing it again. I don’t mind though as setting on that lawn mower is very peaceful and allows the mind to reflect.

I had a doctors appointment Thursday with VA where they checked my INR level (1.9) they prefer that it be in the 2.0 – 2.3 range to make sure I’m not taking too much warfarin. Also saw my nutritionist and she was pleased I dropped six pounds since my last visit. Also since I quite adding table salt to any food I eat my blood pressure average for the past sixty days is 123/68 and heart rate of 65. Its surprising how eliminating something like salt can do so much for your well being. I've had to learn that taste for bad health isn’t good for ya though. Like eating fresh garden tomatoes and cold watermelon, eggs and beacon was a little tuff at first but now I’ve acquired a taste that I can eat these without salt. I sure do douse my food with black pepper though.

BIL James is making more progress on the land, he is suppose to have some iron ore gravel delivered this week to start on the bed of his drive way into the property. After this bed is put down he will decide on the final surface. Right now he is leaning toward asphalt depending on cost. So, maybe it won’t be long and we’ll start laying the water and sewer lines over to our future pad.

That pretty well sums up our week…… Kind of boring isn’t it.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. You sure had a beautiful fireworks display right there in your big front window. How nice is that????
    Continue to take care of yourself!
    Congrats on loosing those pounds..thats great!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)