Friday, August 24, 2012

A Mothers Gift


This RV port would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the love of my late Mom. An interesting side note my late Mom for sometime has wanted us to get a RV cover. She would always ask can I get you that cover for your home which I always replied no we want you to stay at Rosemont Assisted Living as long as the good Lord was willing. About a week before her passing Mom brought up the subject again  and I replied as usual. Before hanging up that evening she said well maybe you will get that cover soon. I never mentioned this to anyone until now. Her wish for us is finally a reality and I thank her for that. Most importantly and the gift above all was her love for the Lord, us kids, family and friends.


Also Sandy and I want to thank her brother, James. He took this project under hand even though he's busy in the oil patch and made sure the project was done right. Without his tender loving care, supervision and follow thru it would not have been completed. So, a big "THANK YOU" goes out to him. James, we can never pay you back for all you do for us.

With the exception of the morning sun hitting the back and a bit on the south side of the motorhome we are basically in the shade most of the day. We can tell as this cover has improved the efficiency of both A/C's. They cycle more often and our temp inside is a few degrees cooler than prior to putting up the RV port.
The 16ft eves with a 20ft peak in the middle allows for someone to stand on the roof for servicing and cleaning.

The only glitch is we can not get a DIRECTV signal with our roof mounted Wineguard Trav'ler dish. DIRECTV was here this Saturday to solve that problem. We still need to paint the trusses, support post and install the partial panels on the south side. BIL James says this just might happen the next time we make one of our short road trips.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

We Are Half Way There


Saturday the crew installed the metal roofing on the north side of the RV port. So, we are half way there. Due to the height of our roof 16ft eves with a 4/12 pitch we are right at 20ft in the middle. This makes the task of installing the metal roof panels a little difficult particularly using a one man lift bucket. It was quite interesting to see these guys work at their trade.In fact it took only 5-6 minutes per panel to install.



They also use scaffolding where two men rattled the panels together prior to screwing them down to the C purlins with Tek and Lap screws. They also install lab sealant tape where the two panels join together. The tape has two sticky sides and they had a person on the ground that laid the tape down on the lap leaving the protective strip in place for removable by the two installers on the scaffold prior to placing it in place.

imageThey will install the four C purlins on the south side Monday and if things go well start the south side roofing panels. I don't look for them to finish the project before Tuesday of next week. After this they will need to install the guttering on both sides and the four foot panels down the side on the south side of the port. This will help reduce the sun hitting the side of the motorhome certain times of the day.

After the workers departed BIL James and myself set on the patio under the half completed side and had ourselves a happy hour. Sandy and her other brother joined us about 5 pm. It was certainly nice setting on the patio and where we use to have sun hitting the patio we now have most of the patio in shade. In trying to visualize the shade we will have over the motorhome we anticipate our A/C's won't have to work as hard to maintain cooler temperatures.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Out With All Eight

We returned to base Monday only to find we would not be able to park in our normal place. BIL James gave us a heads up and advised we needed to park next door where we use to set up. After setting up the motorhome we walked over to our site and discovered all eight post had been taken out.

We were told that they would never be able to be level and square the post as set. So, James decided to start all over again. It seems the information he was originally given was all wrong. We obviously were a little disappointed but what the heck we wanted it to be right.

imageSo what we found was they installed the eight anchor pipes in the ground and leveled and squared them up. They pre assembled the four sets of rigid frame rafters on the ground using framing jigs, squared them up and will transport each assembly to the appropriate anchors and weld them into place to the flat steel plate on each anchor.


After this they would install the purlin clips to the trusses for attaching the 6" C purlins. We will have four C purlins per side spaced about four foot apart running the length of the structure. After they are in place the task of installing the roof panels. Before installing the roof panels we will paint the rafters and support posts. The target date for completion is maybe early next week.



It's a small world. While eating lunch today at the Wild Flower in Hughes Springs who do we run into on other than Joe (aka Speedy) and Sherrie. They were doing a store setup in town. Unfortunately we did not visit long as we had some high price welders that needed to get back to work. Maybe next time.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Unbeknownst To Me

I learned from Sandy that her brother James had to reset some of the eight support posts for our RV Port. It seems they were not squared up like they needed to be to assure a square fit of the roof panels.

Since this resetting had to be done it was decided they would pre assemble the roof trusses and C- Purlins on the ground, square everything up for the panels and then with a crane set the assembly into place on the support post. They would then secure everything into place. I wish we had been there so I could have taken pictures. On the other hand I guess it was a good thing we left for the week had I been there I would have been a nervous wreck.

I hate they had to redo some of their prior work but glad at the same time they found the problem before setting the roof panels.
Mueller called today and advised my order for the roof paneling, gutter and south side wall would be available for pickup this Friday August 3rd. Looks like all is falling into place and just maybe the RV Port will be ready for us when we return next Monday. Let's hope so anyway.
Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers