Monday, October 31, 2011

We're Baaack.......

At Canton First Monday that is :-) One of Sandy's best friends who runs several booths called Sandy saying she certainly could use her help this month. Sandy just loves Canton and naturally jumped at the chance to help her. I believe she has three booths of holiday market stuff.


Usually November is a crowd breaking month which also generates the years best sales. We could tell right away this has the potential of being a good month as when we pulled into the grounds Sunday just about every available RV site was already taken. Being vendor helpers we were able to find a spot along side Pavilion 4000 and the booth Sandy will be working is next door in Pavilion 4500. It won't be as close when we parked the motorhome right behind our old booth location but it will work. We have 50A hookup and water.

It's been ten days since my surgery. I'm still laid up a bit and Sandy is having to do it all. My incision is healing quite well I just can't squat, bend over or turn without some discomfort. My hardest part is getting into and out of bed. The lounge chair is a piece of cake and I usually have very few problems. Tuesday we drive to VA Shreveport to have the staples taken out and get the pathology report.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Free At Last.....

To bring things up to date I checked into the VA Hospital Shreveport on October 19th. Went through the standard colon cleaning procedure that evening along with lab, X-rays in preparation of my surgery Oct 20th. The surgeon decided before they did the actual colon surgery they wanted another colonoscopy since it had been six months since I had my last one. The next morning they reeled me out early and the next thing I remembered I was been awaken by the surgical staff in the OR. They had completed both procedures. Wow what a surprise it was all behind me.

My next trip was two days in the ICU unit where I received the best of care. I learned here they had removed 14" of my upper colon along with a flipper valve between the stomach and colon??? My highest pain level never got beyond a seven during this ordeal. The cut on the old belly is about 12-14" long with 50 + stables. Ouch......not looking forward to having these taken out next week.

After two days in the ICU they moved me up to the sixth floor where my care level wasn't that critical. Here I was able to get off the liquid diet, take walks with the help of a walker, and best of all get back to some solid food. Last night they moved me to the eight floor first removing all the leads I was connected to and my IV Drip. I was told when you reach this floor you are pretty close to being kicked out of the hospital. Sure enough this morning before breakfast a RN came in and told me I would be going home today. I called Sandy to come and get me.

I might add here poor Sandy had to deal with a bad stomach virus for two days where she didn't come to the hospital. On top of this her brother called to inform her their Mom had fallen and broke two bones in her left arm.

We checked out of the hospital around 9:30am and drove to Diamond Jacks RV Park to make ready the motorhome for travel to Lone Star. Since I can't lift anything over 5lbs for the next six weeks nor bend over without extreme discomfort Sandy got stuck with all the outside blue jobs as well as connecting the Jeep to the BlueOx tow bar. I'm so thankful that she learned these chores way back when for days like these. So, guys teach your wife's the things required to travel as you never know when you may have to call on her to do these things for you.

Last but not least it sure was good to get back into my lounge chair back here in the motorhome.
Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Move To Shreveport

This morning came early as I had not done any of those make ready to travel chores yesterday. I wanted to eat breakfast at the McDonalds over in Dangerfield. So we drove the six miles and had our usual Egg McMuffins.

When we got back I started on the make ready chores. Since we have no slide out toppers I had to climb my ladder to blow off all the leaves and acorns with my leaf blower. At our other spot we dealt with sweet gum balls hitting our roof now we have to deal with acorns by the hundreds.

We pulled out a little before 10am and headed East on I-20. We stopped at the Flying J for fuel. $180.00 later we were back on the road to Diamond Jacks RV Park where we will stay or I should say where Sandy will as I will be in the VA Hospital for my surgery on Thursday the 20th.

We arrived a little after lunch and was assigned to spot #28 with 50 amp FHU. When we went to unhook the Jeep Sandy noticed what appeared to be oil film on the door handle. Usually this is not good. I looked toward the motorhome I could see a trail of fluid and fresh fluid running down the drivers front wheel. Now this was all I needed but felt good that we were at the RV Park and off the highway. As I looked closer at the spill the oder smelled like diesel. I then opened the fuel door and to my relief I saw the problem. Yes, I forgot to put the fuel cap back on after filling up at the Flying J.

Our next task was to either drive back to the Flying J about 16 miles back or track down a auto parts house. We opted for the parts house about three miles from us. I took the other filler cap with me to make sure the one we were buying would fit. They had one for $9 so back we go to put it on. It worked so we have that out of the way.

Later in the evening we decided we wanted to eat dinner out. I recalled there was a good Mexican Food place not to far from us. We did a search on our IPhone and sure enough Posados was only about four miles from the park. The food was good as we remembered.

Well tomorrow I have to check in the Hospital pretty early so off to bed I go.
Just as soon as I'm able I'll update you.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Surgery Date

Finally heard from my doctors PA and it looks like it is a go for my colon surgery on Oct 20th. We will drive over to Shreveport in the motorhome on the 18th and stay at Diamond Jacks RV park. This way Sandy won't have so far to travel to the VA Hospital. I will check in on the 19th.

I had an appointment with the Podiatry Clinic on Friday 14th. While there we dropped by the pharmacy to pick up my Lovenox shots which I’ll take before my surgery. I've never had a pedicure done by a professional but it was great. Don't know why I waited so long. I guess it's that man thing.

After we finished up with VA we decided to drive over to the Diamond Jacks Casino and check it out. We've stayed there before but wanted to check the exit we would take for the casino. Glad we were in the Jeep as when we exited we ended up in the wrong lane that would not allow us to go straight into the casino parking lot. Our only recourse was to turn left as the right lane was a turn left or go straight. I looked to the lane to our right the lane where we should have been and there were no cars. I told Sandy that it was safe to go straight and off we went when the light turned green. We made it then Sandy said.....guess what there was a policeman two cars behind us and I hope he doesn't come after us.  As we entered the parking lot I saw the police car turning left. Yippee!

To our surprise the park wasn't that full especially this being a Friday before the weekend. We decided to go ahead and make our reservation for next week arriving on the 18th. On our way back to Lone Star Sandy's brother James called and wanted us to meet him and his wife Bev for dinner at the Texas Roadhouse in Longview. What great fellowship and wonderful meal we had together. When it came time to pay James would not let us pay and said this was a late birthday treat. Thanks James.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Taking Back My Bay With The Sliding Tray

For the past seven years that we've been selling the purse inserts I lost the feature I like the most on the motorhome. That feature was the bay that had the large Joey Bed sliding tray. We stored in that bay our purse insert inventory, table top covers and some of the displays we used to show the product.

Now that we are no longer selling the purse inserts at Canton First Monday. Sandy and I took advantage of our cool morning and took everything out of all our bays for a major reorganization of the bays. We first removed everything that had to do with the purse inserts including the inventory. We did a inventory count and boxed up all the purse inserts for their return to our supplier. It took two large boxes which we will ship back tomorrow.


After that was done we took inventory of everything we had in the bays and began a methodical reorganization of the storage boxes, 19 “ TV/DVD, drawers, folding chairs, Baby Q grill, Break Buddy, etc. While Sandy was busy doing her thing I started putting all the stuff I used to keep the motorhome looking and running proper into different boxes. I ended up with two boxes of wax and cleaning products, one box for lubricants and touch up spray paint. I was able to put in my large multi-drawer where I keep fuses, parts, water filters, nuts and bolts. I even found room for the Klasse Wax bag that also is the home for my orbital polisher and polishing pads.

We purged those items we haven't used or needed for the past year. Surprisingly we sure had a lot of stuff that just wasn't needed.  Not only will the motorhome be a little lighter now the big plus is all I have to do now when I need something is pull out the sliding tray. And there it is without me having to drop to my knees or crawl on the old belly to get something.

Here is my tool bay. The tools are mounted to a peg board and behind the board are our holding tanks. (click to enlarge)image

In this bay we have the TV/DVD, 7ft ladder, folding chairs, Break Buddy, Baby Q grill and the storage tube for our front windshield screen. Still have room for more stuff.image

This is our outdoor freezer bay.image

The last storage bay is the small one which we store our drinks, extra towels and other miscellaneous item.image

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

We Bid Farewell To Canton's First Monday

After nearly 22 years of being a vendor at the famous First Monday Market Days this month was our final month. We did take a three year break when we were traveling full time across the US.

We had hoped our sales would have been strong enough to finish out the year but it just wasn't meant to be. There is an old saying that you can dig into your pocket just so many times before you realize the business isn't paying it's way and it's time to pack it up.

So, we bid farewell to something that Sandy and I have enjoyed for these many years. It's not just the fact of added income it's the friendship you build with your fellow vendors. We've established many many friends that we call family. The happy hours, stories and meals we've shared in the evenings are so memorable and will be dearly missed. Thanks to Canton our lives are brighter, happier and we have had so much fun. We will from time to time come back for a visit with old friends.

On another note I made it to the three quarter of a century mark today and that in it's self is an accomplishment. I'm so thankful the good Lord as been by my side for these many years and the good Lord willing.... I'm looking forward to many more.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travelers