Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our Move To Shreveport

This morning came early as I had not done any of those make ready to travel chores yesterday. I wanted to eat breakfast at the McDonalds over in Dangerfield. So we drove the six miles and had our usual Egg McMuffins.

When we got back I started on the make ready chores. Since we have no slide out toppers I had to climb my ladder to blow off all the leaves and acorns with my leaf blower. At our other spot we dealt with sweet gum balls hitting our roof now we have to deal with acorns by the hundreds.

We pulled out a little before 10am and headed East on I-20. We stopped at the Flying J for fuel. $180.00 later we were back on the road to Diamond Jacks RV Park where we will stay or I should say where Sandy will as I will be in the VA Hospital for my surgery on Thursday the 20th.

We arrived a little after lunch and was assigned to spot #28 with 50 amp FHU. When we went to unhook the Jeep Sandy noticed what appeared to be oil film on the door handle. Usually this is not good. I looked toward the motorhome I could see a trail of fluid and fresh fluid running down the drivers front wheel. Now this was all I needed but felt good that we were at the RV Park and off the highway. As I looked closer at the spill the oder smelled like diesel. I then opened the fuel door and to my relief I saw the problem. Yes, I forgot to put the fuel cap back on after filling up at the Flying J.

Our next task was to either drive back to the Flying J about 16 miles back or track down a auto parts house. We opted for the parts house about three miles from us. I took the other filler cap with me to make sure the one we were buying would fit. They had one for $9 so back we go to put it on. It worked so we have that out of the way.

Later in the evening we decided we wanted to eat dinner out. I recalled there was a good Mexican Food place not to far from us. We did a search on our IPhone and sure enough Posados was only about four miles from the park. The food was good as we remembered.

Well tomorrow I have to check in the Hospital pretty early so off to bed I go.
Just as soon as I'm able I'll update you.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Good luck with your surgery Weldon, we will be sending our best thoughts and wishes your way.

  2. I hope the surgery goes well for you on Thursday. Best wishes.