Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Taking Back My Bay With The Sliding Tray

For the past seven years that we've been selling the purse inserts I lost the feature I like the most on the motorhome. That feature was the bay that had the large Joey Bed sliding tray. We stored in that bay our purse insert inventory, table top covers and some of the displays we used to show the product.

Now that we are no longer selling the purse inserts at Canton First Monday. Sandy and I took advantage of our cool morning and took everything out of all our bays for a major reorganization of the bays. We first removed everything that had to do with the purse inserts including the inventory. We did a inventory count and boxed up all the purse inserts for their return to our supplier. It took two large boxes which we will ship back tomorrow.


After that was done we took inventory of everything we had in the bays and began a methodical reorganization of the storage boxes, 19 “ TV/DVD, drawers, folding chairs, Baby Q grill, Break Buddy, etc. While Sandy was busy doing her thing I started putting all the stuff I used to keep the motorhome looking and running proper into different boxes. I ended up with two boxes of wax and cleaning products, one box for lubricants and touch up spray paint. I was able to put in my large multi-drawer where I keep fuses, parts, water filters, nuts and bolts. I even found room for the Klasse Wax bag that also is the home for my orbital polisher and polishing pads.

We purged those items we haven't used or needed for the past year. Surprisingly we sure had a lot of stuff that just wasn't needed.  Not only will the motorhome be a little lighter now the big plus is all I have to do now when I need something is pull out the sliding tray. And there it is without me having to drop to my knees or crawl on the old belly to get something.

Here is my tool bay. The tools are mounted to a peg board and behind the board are our holding tanks. (click to enlarge)image

In this bay we have the TV/DVD, 7ft ladder, folding chairs, Break Buddy, Baby Q grill and the storage tube for our front windshield screen. Still have room for more stuff.image

This is our outdoor freezer bay.image

The last storage bay is the small one which we store our drinks, extra towels and other miscellaneous item.image

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.