Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Free At Last.....

To bring things up to date I checked into the VA Hospital Shreveport on October 19th. Went through the standard colon cleaning procedure that evening along with lab, X-rays in preparation of my surgery Oct 20th. The surgeon decided before they did the actual colon surgery they wanted another colonoscopy since it had been six months since I had my last one. The next morning they reeled me out early and the next thing I remembered I was been awaken by the surgical staff in the OR. They had completed both procedures. Wow what a surprise it was all behind me.

My next trip was two days in the ICU unit where I received the best of care. I learned here they had removed 14" of my upper colon along with a flipper valve between the stomach and colon??? My highest pain level never got beyond a seven during this ordeal. The cut on the old belly is about 12-14" long with 50 + stables. Ouch......not looking forward to having these taken out next week.

After two days in the ICU they moved me up to the sixth floor where my care level wasn't that critical. Here I was able to get off the liquid diet, take walks with the help of a walker, and best of all get back to some solid food. Last night they moved me to the eight floor first removing all the leads I was connected to and my IV Drip. I was told when you reach this floor you are pretty close to being kicked out of the hospital. Sure enough this morning before breakfast a RN came in and told me I would be going home today. I called Sandy to come and get me.

I might add here poor Sandy had to deal with a bad stomach virus for two days where she didn't come to the hospital. On top of this her brother called to inform her their Mom had fallen and broke two bones in her left arm.

We checked out of the hospital around 9:30am and drove to Diamond Jacks RV Park to make ready the motorhome for travel to Lone Star. Since I can't lift anything over 5lbs for the next six weeks nor bend over without extreme discomfort Sandy got stuck with all the outside blue jobs as well as connecting the Jeep to the BlueOx tow bar. I'm so thankful that she learned these chores way back when for days like these. So, guys teach your wife's the things required to travel as you never know when you may have to call on her to do these things for you.

Last but not least it sure was good to get back into my lounge chair back here in the motorhome.
Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.
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  1. Wow! Sounds like it has been quite the couple of weeks! Hope that you are feeling better. I had appendicitis last year and had about 30 staples after the surgery - I was surprised (but happy) to discover that they come out real easy, I hardly felt a thing. :)

  2. Good to hear all went well and your on the way to being back to normal.Just don't overdue and try to do anything till the Doc's give you the okay. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. Welcome home and so glad you are out of that hospital. Also thankful all went just mend and get better every day!! Keeping you in our prayers!!

  4. We are so glad to hear you are doing well. Sorry about all the other problems. I sure wish we could have helped out. Get well and keep us up to date on how you are.

  5. Glad your surgery went well. Now hurry up and get better. Of course you could take your time healling and Sandy will get to do all the work!