Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day Mom

I wish to pay special tribute to a wonderful Mother, my Mom Mary Ellen Roffe. She was born in October 1918 and that makes her 91 years young. She had two brothers and two sisters one of which is still living today. She grew up on a farm where she walked to school, picked cotton, survived The Great Depression, World Wars and very hard times that we don't have a clue about today. Even though we just might be headed in that direction now.
She and my late Dad were married in July 1935. They had three children myself, Sister and Brother being the youngest. Mother was the glue that kept the family together. She was a wonderful cook and an excellent role model. She is very close to the Lord and raised her children accordingly. She always has a smile and laughter is easy to come by. She raised us kids to love the Lord, family and country. She never had bad thoughts about anyone. She never met a stranger and loved everyone. She taught us to not hate or think bad things. She told us to always have a forgiving heart . She makes a big compact on everyone she meets with her kindness, love and gentle heart.
Mom there are tons of other things about why you are the greatest Mom I just can't put them all in words. However you are always in my heart and mind.
We send our love and have a Happy Mothers Day.

Until next time.... MtnAire Travlers


  1. Well I think you did well saying what you said...You are a lucky man to still have your Mom. I wish I could see mine. I would hug her soo tight and wish her a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY too. I guess she knows that.

  2. This is my Grandma Mary Ellen! She was married to my Grandfather James Chastain and I haven't seen her since I was very young and I miss her so much and have never been able to get any contact information for her at all....I want to cry!!! I just found info for her online, hoping it's accurate so that I can reach her. My name is Nathina and my younger sister is Breeann.

    Please contact me if you read this, I can't let any more time go by without reaching out to her.
    (209) 261-5481