Thursday, April 16, 2009

Texas Longhorn and Pilgrim Pride

Yesterday we made several side trips on our way into Longview for supplies. Our first stop was at the Josephine Davidson Chapel were we met this big boy. He was our greeter to the chapel but we were not able to get in as the gate was locked....bummer. We did manage to see some more of his friends and found a marker which states this site is a Texas Historical area. We were told this place is opened to the public only twice a year.
Here is another photo of our greeter with his friends in the background.

The land was purchased by Isaiah Davidson (1814-1900) who built in 1876 one of the first framed house in this section of the state. The site became a Mecca for members of the Davidson clan as they moved to Texas. The land was located on a old wagon road (Hwy 154) over which crops were hauled from the black land around Dallas to Port of Jefferson. We hope to learn more when they have their Spring Festival.

Our second trip was to Mt Pleasant where we learned the court house had burned 9 times since 1850 and the latest was in 2006. This town is famous for Pilgrim Pride, Priefert Ranch Equipment and many more but these two being the biggest in the area.

On our way out of town headed to Longview we passed "Bo Pilgrim head statue and his freezer plant. You can go to this web page for more info on the Pilgrim pride organization:
Below the large head bust is a smaller statue of Mr Pilgrim setting on a bench with a chicken next to him. I refer this as setting on the throne and all thats needed is a roll of toliet paper.
We drove through Gilmer, TX and on into Longview where we got our weekly shopping behind us and on to base in Lone Star.
Until next time... MtnAire Travlers


  1. Looks like you had quite a day of siteseeing.


  2. Now I know you get out like this everyonce in a while and you could post those site seeing trips like this one...Very interesting post give us more of this when you can.
    Miss you guys...I have 39 days!!!

    Joe and Sherri