Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Good Friday and Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Old weatherman has done his usual again......always a cold spell just before Easter Sunday. After a brief thunder storm last night today is turned out to be just beautiful here in Lone Star. It looks like Sunday the weather will change again back to rain. Hope not.
Our First Monday at Canton was great! We did better than last year and are very thank full. Our crowd was huge on Friday and Saturday. The Rver's were everywhere you looked. Even had Rv's dry campers on the hill. I guess they were stopping off on their way back home.
My BIL's land next door is beginning to take shape. The old house is now completely gone except for a couple piles of rubbish. Worked over their a couple days cutting up fallen trees and brush. When we can we will begin to burn the wood piles. We are clearing the boundary's to put up a metal post/rail fence. I've started mowing the front right-a-way and it's looking good.
U.S. Steel aka Lone Star Steel made the Dallas Morning headlines last Sunday...."U.S. Steel has northeast Texas in agonizing suspense". The question now is well it close completely? The people in this area will be devastated if that happens. We are already seeing a slow down, close down and going out of business all through this area. You don't see as many truckers going up and down the highway and don't hear pipes banging in the pipe yard near us. There are more men at Arnold's (only restaurant in town) now days drinking coffee and disguising I'm sure what will the future hold.
We went in to Longview yesterday for our weekly major shop.....Walmart, Target, Bookstore, Bestbuy and AT&T. We found out that Apple will be introducing this summer a new software program called 3.0 and it has a lot of promising updates. It is just amazing how much this small hand held device will do and yet there is going to be another 1000 gizmo's coming. The thing Sandy and I are looking forward to is we will be able to tether her Iphone 3G to my laptop when we are away from base. We also learned AT&T mobile will be adding another tower close to us. O-boy!.... finally maybe we will get a better cell phone signal.
I created the following collage of "The Roffe Family" for my Mom, brother, sister and my family.

Also this has probably been all over the Internet but for those who have not seen it here is an Amazing Tree. The wood carver that done these is truly a gifted artiest.

Well I have run out of things to post. Sooooooooooo for now
until the next time..........MtnAire Travlers

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  1. As many good stories that you have you should be posting every day. We will have our plot of ground ready for occupation by the end of May...

    Joe and Sherri