Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Only If It Could Tell Stories The Saga Continues........

You might recall several postings back I told about going into the woods next door where we park our home on wheels and discovering this vacant home. At the time I did not know a lot of the background on the family that use to live here. No more, I've learned the home belonged to The Haley's Jr. They lived in the home 30 years prior to their deaths in 1985. Just think the home was vacant for nearly 25 years. The home prior to that I believe was Mr Haley's father who were the original owner. I believe the home was approximately 65 years old. Mr. Haley Jr retired from Lone Star Steel. After retiring he did a lot of woodworking. They had four children, two girls and two boys. It's also our understanding their is a sibling buried somewhere on the property many many years ago.
You may note I used the past tense of "was" approximately 65 years old. I used this as it stands no more. Also mentioned in my previous posting my BIL was looking at buying the property which now has become a reality. The following photos is the tearing down and burning of the old home. Soooo.............. sad but progress must go forward.

Spring is so much in the works here in Northeast Texas. Here are some photos to prove my point.

Dogwood Tree at 1st United Methodist Church Lone Star

Cattle Ranch near Lone Star

Lake Lone Star

Iron Bluff Cemetery

Another Texas Historical Marker

N.E.A. Skinner grave marker

The hills of Lone Star... US Steel Tubular plant a.k.a. Lone Star Steel in distant background

US Steel Tubular plant entrance and part of the plant

More photos of spring here in Lone Star

I believe this is a cattle egret here in Lone Star Lake

Enough photos . The economy, the lower cost of a barrel of oil and China dumping the market with their steel tubing has temporally (we hope & Pray) closed the plant here in Lone Star. You can't even imagine what effect this will have on the economy of this area not to say its been all that good prior to the shut down. We're hoping they will start up again soon even though some of the workers believe it won't happen until this fall or next winter.

My BIL land next door has a lot of trees and under bush which we've spent the past several days clearing. It looks a little rough and shaggy now but when through and maybe next spring with his home being built things will look pretty good. Will post pictures of the place when its finished.

Well I'm down for the three count. Sooo...Until the next time.
MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Hey that is so cool. I am glad that you followed up on that story. I knew it would be worth writing about. We sure miss you guys and enjoy your journal so much. Wish you posted more often so we could see what you are up to.

    Joe and Sherri