Sunday, March 8, 2009


It seems when one does not travel as much your blog posting gets farther out. That being the case here, it's been nearly a month since my last post. We had hoped to join the Dreamer's in Kerrville, TX but due to one thing or another we had to cancel. Our lost but maybe the next time as I'm sure these fun loving people will do this again. Even though we are not there we have been keeping up with them by reading their blogs.
I had this dream last night as captioned in the photo to the left and it turned into a nightmare. I awaken in a sweat and realized that I was not at the funeral home after all. HE..HE

We did Canton 1st Monday and was surprised to see the crowd that was out that weekend. The RV spots where all full (I guess it was a lot of snowbirds returning home). Saturday was the biggest day. We had a good month and was very thankful particularly with our economy in such a turmoil. The weather was very cold that weekend and the wind really did a number on our back drops. Sandy and I both have been fighting a sinus infection. I guess it's because of the trees putting out their leaves and blooms. The fruit and red bud trees are so pretty this time of the year. It won't be long until the dog wood will start popping and I will get some pictures of them for posting.
I've also spent a number of hours scanning old photos and down loading them to CD-R disc. So far I've probably have scanned about 600-700 photos. I'm doing some of the "Through The Years" photo folders of my parents and us kid's growing up as well as my family. It's sorta been fun going back in time. As I looked back through those years there were so many fond memories. Even though my parents were by no means wealthy they raised us three kids loving the Lord, as well as provided us with a good education, shelter and food for our tummies. Each generation wants their kids to have a better life than there's. That's the way it should be as long as we remember to indwell in them the love of God and Country, principles of life and love of our fellow man.
My BIL has been remodeling and painting one of his old storage buildings and I've been helping a little. The refurbishing included a covered front porch and face lifting by painting. It turned out looking nice. He plans to do some more buildings in the near future. Also he informs me is going to purchase the 4 acres next to us (remember the posting "Only If It Could Tell Stories") and build his home on it. Also if we were interested we could put in a slap, electrical and sewer dump for our motor home. Will have to ponder that offer far awhile.

Mike and Pam (BIL & SIL) became Grandparents last week in the birth of their first Granddaughter Caris Hayden Schutz 6lb-10oz.

Here are the proud parents Jeff & MJ Schutz.

Proud grandparents Mike & Pam Schutz.

Well I've run out of things to post. Soooooo
Until next time ...... MtnAire Travlers


  1. What a beautiful baby girl. I know everyone must be really excited.

    We are missing you guys and need to plan a time to visit soon.


  2. Well I have been out of pocket but I got back to see that you have posted...good deal. I love to read what is going on with you two. Wish you could have come to the "Gathering of Dreamers" Maybe next time you will be able to work it in.

    Joe and Sherri