Monday, February 9, 2009

Busy Past Three Days

Friday, I had a Doctors appointment where like in Speedy's visit they took blood and other samples so when I go back to my Doctor at VA this Friday he probably will tell Sandy the same thing this poor old boy was told. And, I'm sure she will tell me the same as to my results. She goes with me to interpret for me as my Doctor is from India and I have a very hard time understanding him.
After the lab work off we went to Verizon to check out a Air Card for our Internet connections. We spoke with Daniel who was very knowledgeable about their products. He recommended an air card which connects into your USB port. I was a little concerned about the coverage we have here in Lone Star as AT&T is right on the edge of a good signal and Verizon would be just a little better. Daniel advised us since they recently purchased Altell their signal would be much better. But, since this hasn't happened quit yet we decided to stay with DSL until such time they can assure us the coverage has improved.

After Verizon we went to the RV'ers store..... Wal*Mart for our weekly supplies and shopping for Sandy's Mom. In reading other blogs I just can't imagine the monies we RV'ers pump in to this organization. I kid with Sandy that when I die I want her to cremate me and spread my ashes through the local Wal*Mart. This way I am assured she will visit me regularly.

Saturday was a celebration day for Sandy's 88 year old mother Alice and Alice's 94 year old brother Woodrow. We had a surprise birthday party at the local Catfish Village where approximately 50 friends and relatives showed up for the event.

We had all you can eat fried catfish with the usual trimmings. Boy, did we stuff ourselves. In fact Mom Alice can eat her weight in fried catfish and I don't know to many that can out eat her. It was a good time. We saw friends and relatives that we have not seen for sometime. After about three hours of eating, visiting and catching up on whats been going on with each family we went our seperate ways until next time. Someone commented that we usually don't get together like this unless it was for a funeral. Sooo..... we out foxed father time and had a wonderful celebration of life and fellowship.

Until next time.... MtnAire Travlers


  1. Isn't that the truth about Walmart. We have made 2 trips there today!


  2. We limit ourselves to one trip a week. That is all we can afford! When we go on fixed income it may only be once a month and that will be with constraints

    Joe and Sherri