Thursday, April 23, 2009

Klasse 3-in-1 And Glaze has done it again

The pass several days have been a Motor Home detailer's dream, cool mornings and low humidity has allowed me to really do a wax job. I cleaned and detailed the roof last Thursday (took about four hours). It rained the weekend and Monday I started on the passenger side and three days later finished the job. You can see the reflections in the paint which should tell you just how good this stuff is on a painted surface. I do have to admit I put two coats of glaze on which really brings out the shine and makes the paint finish slick as a baby's b---. To para phase John's commit about Mark's home "you can see stars in my coach but its not night which John was referring to in Mark's wax job. I went outside tonight and didn't see any stars.

My family has asked me to post photo's of our Rv spot here at base. Here are a couple.

This view is from the end cap.

In between my waxing job, I also played foreman over the workers laying the post on my BIL's land next door. Here are some photos of the fence line that we are laying. All property corner post are in and we started digging post holes for the fence posts. We were able to dig 32 post holes today and set three fence posts in concrete before we ran out of cement.

Here's one of the to be gated entrances.

We leave for Canton First Monday tomorrow and on our way out will get the Home greased at a truck lube stop down from us here in Lone Star. They are just about working only part time as their business has taken a down turn since US Steel has shut down their operation here in Lone Star.

Well I've managed to probably bore you to death but I'm real excited about the way my wax job turned out on the old home.

Until next time..............MtnAire Travlers

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  1. Hey you never bore me with anything. We enjoy hearing what is going on in your lives. Keep the post coming and we will keep reading.