Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Very Productive Day at Base in Lone Star

Hi There!
What a beautiful and productive day we enjoyed here in Lone Star. The two workers showed up at 9am and we were off to the land to do some cutting and hauling of brush and tree limbs to the burn pit.

We just about completed the east side of the property and should start digging post holes for the fence posts. We now have located three of the four property markers and have them tagged. The marker on the Northeast corner is still hidden or missing. Will do more looking tomorrow.

Sandy and I then pulled vines and cleared brush near the motor home. We raked pine needles and pine cones near the travel trailer and will haul that off Thursday if the weather holds. Sandy will drive her brothers big tractor while I load the bucket. We have a compose pile here and will add these to it. After all this we hooked our Jeep up to one of the flat bed trailers and helped haul off some more trimmings to the burn pit. We have a pretty good pile now and will need to burn soon.

I still had some energy left and decided it was time to wash the motor home. Will start it's spring waxing and cleaning program tomorrow since our weather is so good. Thanks to my friend Mark who put me on the Klasse wax system and using the Porter Cable buffer. We should accomplish this task in three to four days. I need to also get on the roof and put sealant down on the seams and 303 all the plastic vents. I will never be able to match Mark's wax job and to borrow the phrase John used at Kerrville, "You can see stars in his paint job."

Until next time...... MtnAire Travlers

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