Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Winds With A Vengeance

Well we finally have those March winds roaring here in North East Texas. The strange thing is they are not those from Arizona mentioned by Al with The Bayfield  Bunch . They are coming directly out of the South. Our winds have been blowing steady at 15-20 mph with gusts as high as 35-40 mph. Our temperatures are climbing as well we've been in the mid to high 80's for the past few days.

The wind and sand are blowing across the motorhome and at times it looks like one of those sand storms in Arizona. It wouldn't be so bad but the trucking company next to us is nothing but a red dirt lot. With their activity and our winds it's the worse we've seen in the 12 years we've based here.

It would help if we had some rain to settle all the red dirt and green pollen. We are so behind on our normal rain fall. Our streams, stock tanks and the lake here are way down. Maybe we will have those April showers that will turn this around.

Did a dumb thing this morning while mowing. I bottomed out the huge lawn mower in the ditch where the drive wheels were not touching the ground. Didn't approach the deep ditch at an angle had I this would never had happened. With this being a heavy big mower I had to get Sandy in the Jeep to pull me out. That wasn't as easy as it sounds as we had to put the Jeep in four wheel drive before we finally got out of there.

Because of the high winds I mowed in a west to east  direction so the cut grass and dust would exhaust to the north away from me. I still managed to get filthy dirty though.

I hate to see all the fellow bloggers I read heading back home. It looks like Al and Kelly have started that turn northerly. Mark and Dortha are back in Forth Worth from the RGV. Rick and Paulette say they are getting closer to their departure date sometime in April. There  are others who are now home or headed that way.

So, it won't be long and I won't have those beautiful scenic pictures and stories to see and read about their winter adventures. But, I enjoy reading their blogs regardless of the season and  where they might be staying.

My sister sent me a email with these pictures of goats eating on the walls of a dam in Italy. Simply amazing how they manage to stay on the dam wall without falling.












Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Oh my! Those goats are amazing. Personally, I think it's too early to be heading north. :)