Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trip To VA To Have The Train Track In My Belly Removed

We headed to Shreveport this morning on I20 East to let my surgeon look at his craft work and remove the 50-55 staples in my belly.
While driving Sandy commented that there were a lot of big gorgeous coaches headed west on I20. There were Featherlite, Newell, Prevost, American Coach and Foretravel to name a few. They all seemed to be 43-45ft tag axle, beautiful full paint and one thing in common with most was they were pulling either a pickup or trailer with golf carts in the back of them. Then it dawned on us these were the NASCAR drivers coaches headed to the Texas Motor Speedway track near Dallas for the big race their this weekend. We must have passed 15-20 coaches that fit this description. Sandy commented she would love to be a coach driver for one of the NASCAR drivers. I told her she would make a dang good one as she loves driving our motorhome.

Shortly after we saw these beautiful coaches pass by we started seeing the haulers zipping by two to three at a time. How exciting was it to see them with the driver car or sponsorship painted on their sides. Lets see we saw Lowes, UPS, Ford, Dodge, NASCAR, Camping World, Pass Track and Speed to mention a few.

We arrived at VA just before my appointment but it wasn't till about an hour after my appointment that I saw my surgeon. He said that my incision was healing nicely and while he doesn't have the hard copy of my pathology report he had spoken with the pathologist by phone and every thing looked good. Praise the Lord.

Shortly after this good news a young Internist came in and began the job of removing my staples. Each stung a little but it certainly felt good to have them out. He then took 20-25 small strips of tape and laid them across my incision to give that area added support. He said these will eventually fall off in about two weeks.

The two and half hour trip there and two and half back literally wore me out. We love our Jeep but this is one time I wished we owned one of those huge limos. The Jeep just bounced my insides apart. It emphasized every bump, hole, bridge expansion joint and crack we hit coming and going. It was nice to crash and burn in my big lounge chair.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. It seems my last couple of comments haven't made it through. Glad you are well on the road to recovery.