Monday, March 26, 2012

Been Awhile

First I would like to thank all of you for the kind words left by you in regards to the passing of my Mom. Just have not been in the mood to write a blog. Been busy dealing with Mom's estate, doctors follow-up visits to VA, yard maintenance on the seven acres here in Lone Star just to mention a few.

Our weather for the past couple of  weeks has been outstanding. Temperatures ranging from the mid 70's to low 50's at night. Had ourselves a nice rain last Thursday and Friday about four inches I'm told by BIL James. All of our water levels are way above normal and our Lake O' The Pines is within one foot of normal. With all this rain our grass is really growing where I'm having to mow the acreage at least once a week now. Mowing for me is very therapeutically and relaxing for me. I can be stressed out about something and just a few hours on the mower seems to take all that away.

SIL Pam and her husband Mike came by this past Saturday and worked in our front yard pulling weeds, setting up our first flower bed around one of the four large oak trees in our front yard. BIL James with his Kubota dug up some small tree stumps and hauled off a bunch of dead limbs that have fallen off one of the oak trees that died last summer during our drought. They sure got the place looking spiffy. Will have to post photos once we get the flower bed planted with flowers. Right now Sandy is thinking of Azaleas. We also will be putting in a small 10x10 brick patio in this general area where we will put a outdoor grill someday. They also relocated the small windmill where you can now see it from the motorhome living room window. Thanks a bunch guys and gals for all you do for us.

Lone Star is booming with the addition of more liquor stores since they voted it wet last year. Also with the cost of a barrel of oil being what it is the steel tubing and support business are adding to their facilities. The tube hauling truck traffic is much busier than it has been. So, while we don't like the prices we are seeing at the gas pumps this higher cost per barrel of oil is helping this area.


We haven't been to Canton in awhile and decided to drive over to visit with some of our friends. The City of Canton is where they have located the Van Zandt County Veterans Memorial honoring our veterans. We drove by the place and saw they have really added to the memorial since the last time we were here.


The most significant
addition is a F4D Phantom flown in the Korean War and Vietnam Conflict. While most decommissioned jets become practice drones for the military, this fighter is on loan from the Air Force as part of a static display and tribute to veterans at the Van Zandt County Veterans Memorial Plaza.



Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. Sherri and I have been by this memorial many times but have not visited it. It makes me feel good to have these memorials...We had no recognition after the war.