Saturday, February 16, 2013


There just isn't much she won't tackle. Not only does Sandy drive the motorhome, a large tractor brush hogging and on top of all that she’s a great chef. She's also quite a Handywoman. She's not afraid of tackling caulking for example.

I'm the worlds worst when it comes to pulling a caulk gun and having it look professional afterwards. She has been after me for the longest to re-caulk the bathroom and kitchen sink countertops. So, this weekend I gathered up all my tools and started in the bathroom first. Well let me tell you it didn't take long before I was fired and replaced by the Handywoman.

Sandy first came behind me and scraped all the old caulk off, cleaned the countertops and did an outstanding job in re-caulking and "tooling" the caulk on the countertops. "Tooling" is the process of gliding over the bead of caulk in order to smooth it, making it neater and further establishing good adhesion.
She was able to lay down a very neat bead of sealant and followed


behind with "tooling" the bead with her wet finger smoothing it out.

Her patience and staying with it from start to finish really made the job look very professional. She did such a great job that I may have her re-caulk some of the exterior seams on the motorhome.


This is one of the results of her effort. Surprising it didn’t take her long to do both jobs. Oh, on top of all this we are having her Chicken Chile tonight for dinner.


Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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