Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Has Arrived In Full Force

Today so far was the hottest day and it looks like its only the beginning. Our temp today was 97F with a heat index of 101F. I worked in the yard most of the morning and this little guy is just the way I felt this pm. I looked like someone sprayed me down with a water hose. We have not had any rain to speak of for the past three weeks and the long range forecast doesn't look that promising.
James my BIL and us have made quite a bit of progress on his four acres. Particularly with the tree clearing and burning of brush. All evidence of the old house is no longer present.

Here are some before and after shots of the land.

It want be long now and he will start building. However, next week he is going to start mowing about 800 miles of right a ways for a natural gas pipe lines with his two tractors. This should tie him up for about 60 days depending upon the weather. The way its looking right now that may not be a problem. Both his tractors are AC so the heat should not be a problem. We leave for that once a month trip to Canton next week. We will be there through the 4th and usually this month and the next two will be our hottest.
Until next time....MtnAire Travlers

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