Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Rear A/C Unit Is Cooling Again!

Lyle's RV arrived Friday, July 10th and proceeded to check our rear A/C unit. His first check was the starting capacitor for the compressor which checked okay. He then proceeded to connect his bypass relay directly to the to the compressor and it came on and cooled. The next item he checked was the electronic board (brains) for the A/C and sure enough it wasn't working. He said that he could order a new ICC board for $168.00 however he would have to order it from Dometic which he said could take several days. He said he had a used board that he took off a unit that had the compressor burn up and would sale it for $85.00. So we opted for that and we had our first cool night in a while last night. The total repair cost was $287.00. While we had the shrouds off we washed and cleaned out the drain trays and condenser coils . Lyle use to do Canton First Monday and since as quite. Had he still been there we could have had this done while at Canton and saved his $90.00 service call fee. Oh well its fixed now and running like a champ.
Here is a late photo of our dinner for Sandy's birthday at Posados Cafe in Longview on the 25th of June.

From left to right is her sister Pam, her husband Mike, her brother James, his wife Bev, niece Amanda, Mom Alice (Sandy's mom) and the birthday girl her self Sandy. We had a wonderful time an excellent meal and fellowship.

Until next time....MtnAire Travlers

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  1. Glad you are cool again. Wish you were with us. This is beautiful country and we are enjoying ourselves. Mark of course is counting the days until Yellowstone.

    Stay cool.