Thursday, July 23, 2009

July Family Birthdays

Yes, we have birthdays in July for three family members, actually a fourth as Sandy's late father George also was a July birthday. I believe the 28th.
The first is Sandy's oldest brother James. His birthday is July 24th. So...... Happy Birthday James!

The next is Sandy's sister, Pam her birthday is July 26th. Happy birthday Pam! Happy Birthday Pam!

Pam's son and our nephew Jeff is the next family member with a birthday on July 27th. Happy Birthday Jeff! We are very proud of Jeff. He did two tours in Iraq and was awarded a Purple Heart during his first tour. Thanks Jeff for serving our country. We appreciate you and all the men and women in the arm services. May god bless all of you and bring each of you home soon.

Sandy is just about to finish up on her second week of working. She likes her job being outdoors and while its been warm to hot she has dealt with it pretty well. Of course the RTV she drives is air condition. She has seen deer, snakes, wild hogs, cows and horses during her trip up and down the pipe line. They have stuck one of the tractors, the RTV as well as bottoming out on a Hugh log that was in tall grass. They have about a two hour drive to their current mowing area and usually doesn't get home until 7pm. I have been doing the RV cleaning, washing etc. Sandy will usually fix dinner in a crock pot so we have been eating well. I have my surgery next Wednesday the 29th at VA Shreveport. Will up date you later.

Until next time....MtnAire Travlers


  1. Well I'll be Sandy is working the Pipeline!!! I thought you might be talking about somebody else? You know Sherri is working and I am doing the RV thing. Next week I have my little buddy back to take care of. I guess I will be a Mr Mom? Oh well best laid plans of mice and men.

  2. I can't believe Sandy is working. Tell her Andrew is jealous of the Kubota she is driving!