Monday, April 11, 2011

A Busy Past Few Days

We finally got that much needed rain  this morning when the system from the west rolled through. We are so thankful however the northwest winds that accompanied the rain I'm afraid will dry us out again.


When filling up our fresh water tank the last time our check valve malfunctioned  and the water no longer ran into the tank. I removed the check valve and saw right away that it was defective. I removed the defective valve and replaced the fitting which allowed water to enter the tank until I could pick up another one.

I picked up a new valve at the local RV Dealer in Longview for just under $10. Installed it and it is doing it's job. This is my second valve to replace in less than a year. I don't know if it's a poor design or just one of those things that goes goes bad on an RV.

Since it so difficult for me to get up and down on the roof of the motorhome now, we've found a young lady who does house cleaning to come over to wash the roof. She washed the roof of  my BIL David Discovery Sunday and did a superb job. She will be here tomorrow to wash our roof. While up there she will also 303 all the vent covers, A/C shrouds and satellite dome all for under $35.


We went in to Longview today to pick up supplies and have a late lunch at BIL Mike and Sandy's sister Pam's home. Mike recently purchased a new Traeger Pellet Grill and wanted to try it out for us. Instead of wood or charcoal it uses hardwood pellets and cooks indirect. The rib eyes he prepared were delicious. They were cooked just right and had an excellent taste. Thanks Mike and Pam for the great evening meal.

They have a beautiful back yard with a pool and sauna. Pam spends a lot of her time when not working at their church attending to her flower beds as you can see in the following pictures.










Fuel prices in Longview today were $3.79 for unleaded and $4.03 for diesel. We found SAMs Club had unleaded for $3.57 with your SAMs card. It's been  awhile since the last time it took over $60 to fill the Jeep Liberty.

I mowed the seven acres yesterday. I should have waited tell this evening while the ground was still moist and I wouldn’t got so dirty from all the dust stirred up by the mower. Sandy would not let me in the motorhome until I rinsed my legs, arms and face off at the outside faucet. Even after this rinse off the shower floor was filthy when I showered last night.

A big welcome to Andy Altes our 44th Blog Follower.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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