Thursday, January 5, 2012

Little Excitement In Lone Star Today

This place is usually pretty quite. Every now and then you would here the siren of the local EMS ambulance or volunteer fire truck running down the highway. Today however was a little different. Right before lunch today we heard this loud boom and felt the concussion shake the motorhome. Sandy said wow that seemed awful close. I said naw.....that sounded like it was a far piece from us. Well little did I know.


In about five minutes after the explosion, we heard a siren and looked out our window and saw it was one of our volunteer fire trucks. We both said what ever it was must have been east of us.
About ten minutes later Sandy looked out and said there was a Texas DPS car blocking the highway out front of our motorhome.


No sooner than saying that we heard the rotors of a low flying helicopter. We both ran out and looked in the direction of the sound and saw a ETMC Life Flight helicopter landing on the highway about 400 yards from us.

There is a welding supply plant about this same distance that sells oxygen/acetylene and welding equipment. We walked to the highway where there was a local policeman standing by his truck with his bubble gum machine just a flashing. Sandy walked over to him and he said there was an employee injured at the plant as the result of the explosion and they had to call in Life Flight. It is alleged that the employee was cutting on a empty barrel with a cutting torch that set off the explosion. Now what was in that barrel that would have caused that kind of explosion.


We stood there for about thirty minutes before they brought out the injured man and loaded him into the helicopter. I had my IPhone 4 phone and took these pictures. I had hoped to catch a video as the helicopter lifted off but I failed to hit the start button to make my video. it was neat as he flew directly over me at tree top height before he finally lifted higher in the direction of Dallas. We have no report as of this posting on the injured man. We pray for him and his speedy recovery.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Nothing like a little explosion to make the day more interesting!