Monday, January 23, 2012

Matinee Movie NFC Title Games and Weather

Sandy's sister called and asked if we would be interested in coming to Longview for lunch and afterwards take in a movie. Sandy and I have been to a movie only once that we can recall since moving to North East Texas thirteen years ago. So, the thought of taking in lunch and an afternoon matinee sounded like a winner.

Pam prepared a wonderful chicken soup she had picked up from The Pioneer Woman's website. Pam and Sandy both have prepared some great meals from The Pioneer Woman's recipes. She gives great pictorial instructions of many of her recipes and she is also quite a photographer. She also writes very interesting blogs.


After a great lunch we went to one of the local theaters for a afternoon movie. We picked Red Tails which is based on the real-life story of black pilots in the World War II Tuskegee Air Force training program who, after being kept on the ground because of segregation and racism, are finally called into duty — a chance for them to rise to the occasion and prove their worth. Boy did they!!!! We enjoyed the movie and give it "two thumbs" up for its action and storyline.

Our winds began to pickup out of the Southwest and blew pretty hard most of the day. We suspect these winds were the same that blew through southern California and Arizona. The wind blew down quite a number of large limbs from trees nearby. Fortunately none blew down from the large oak trees we are parked near. The weatherman said the wind gust's were around 35-40mph. Besides the high winds our weather has been nothing but outstanding.....high 60's during the day and low 40's a night. We've had only a couple of night's where it got below freezing. In fact the month of January has been very seasonably warm compared to prior January's. Let's just hope that trend continues.

Was a day of watching the AFC and NFC championship games. Wow........talking about good games and being close you couldn't ask for anything better. At the outset, we first thought it might be a Harbaugh Bowl in Indy instead of Super Bowl XLVI. But, due to some misfortunes, it turns out we will see a rematch between the New England Patriots and New York Giants. All I can say is they both were excellent games.


Sandy just about wore herself out watching the game between the 49's and Giants. She is an avid Eli Manning fan and there were times during the game that I thought she was going to crawl into the TV and punch out some of those 49's that was knocking Eli around......six sacks and twenty hits. that guy I'm sure was very sore after the game.


Found us in Longview where we picked up groceries at the local Walmart for her Mom and us. We also paid a visit to Target and the Ultra store. I managed to snooze, guard the Jeep and play games on my IPhone 4. Well maybe mostly snoozed.

Our weather is expected to turn a little messy tonight and tomorrow. The weatherman is predicting rain starting tonight through most of Tuesday. We still need the rain to help our creeks, streams, lakes and ponds recover from the extreme drought we had last year. I might add the rain we've had to date has gone a long way in helping in this recovery.

Our fuel prices are gradually creeping up again. Filled up the Jeep today for over $55 which is the highest we've paid since way before Christmas.

On a side note I went to VA Shreveport last Thursday. My recovery process is still getting better each day.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Don't know if this will get posted or last two or three were never posted. Good to hear that you are recovering and hope that it continues. Sherri will be in the Longview area working next week but I will be at Lake Tawakoni. Wish we could meet up we sure miss seeing you two.

    Joe and Sherri

    1. I hated to see my 49ers lose but it should be a terrific Super Bowl -- Eli with Victor Cruz and Co. vs. Tom Brady. The playoffs have certainly passed the time quicker, now with 60 days before I leave on my full-time adventure!