Friday, April 20, 2012

One Of Those Days Should a Stayed Home


It started raining here this morning and literally rained all day. Lots of lighting, rolling thunder and small hail a couple times. It's suppose to get down to 46 tonight with a high tomorrow of 68. Burrrrr

We had to make a trip to Mt Pleasant and this is where we should a stayed home. We left in heavy rain and just this side of Dangerfield we ran over something that really sounded bad. We drove on about 100yds and our low tire pressure alarm (TPMS) sounded and the idiot light came on.

Naturally it was just pouring down rain and I told Sandy to pull off the highway. Got out in the rain and walked around the Jeep looking at each tire. They all appeared to be up so we continued on. Hardly went another 100yds and we heard this thump, thump noise indicating we had a flat. The sound was coming from the drivers left rear. Sandy asked "what do you want to do?"

I saw a quick lube and tire place on the other side of the highway and told her to go there. We thumped and thumped into their drive and a young man greeted us. He asked us to pull into one of the bays where two other young men took the tire off. You could see where something punctured the tire right in the middle of the thread. In fact one of them said he could hear something rolling around inside.
I asked if they could boot or patch the tire and they said lets take it off and see.


When they dismantled the tire from the rim they found of all things a welders cutting tip inside. They said they thought a patch would work. I said I would feel better if you put my spare on and I would use the patched tire as a spare. So, $10 later we were back on the highway headed to the bank.

About 15 miles out our low tire pressure alarm (TPMS) sounded again and this time I said"oh no not another flat." Got out in the rain walked around no evidence of a flat or low tire. Headed out again and about three miles from Mt Pleasant the alarm sounded again. I spotted a car wash and asked Sandy to pull in one of the bays. Took my tire gauge checked all tires including the spare and they checked okay.


What we think might be setting the alarm off is the sensor of the ill fated tire might have been damaged by the cutting torch nozzle that was rolling around inside. Finally made it to the bank and back home without further incident Even the low tire pressure idiot light (TPMS)finally went out and did not come back on. The rain has finally let up. Snuggling weather tonight.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.


  1. It's bad enough to have that kind of difficulty but to have it in the rain is even worse. Sorry for all the trouble and delays.
    Enjoy a good nights rest!!

  2. Ours did the same thing after we got a new tire. Seems as though the new tire took some time to read correctly with the computer??? I don't know but sometimes I think we have too much technology!

    Joe and Sherri