Saturday, April 14, 2012

What's Going On Here?

Yesterday after Sandy got back from mowing we made a quick trip to Mt Pleasant for groceries. On our way through Lone Star we saw where gas had dropped from $3.89/gal to $3.79/gal. We said on the way back we would fill up the Jeep. Gas prices in Mt Pleasant where $3.89/gal.


Before going to Walmart we went to Lowe's and Home Depot. Sandy wanted to look for some flowers for the flower bed and patio blocks. The area where we have the flower bed gets very little sun and she had a hard time finding plants to her liking. She finally settled on Impatiens. We also picked up six patio (approximately 16"x16") blocks for the making of a patio out under the four oak trees. To do a 10ft x 10ft area we will need about 42 more. Since we care to only haul six to eight at a time in the Jeep it's going to take quite a few trips. We also broadcasted some centipede grass seeds to the area directly behind the current grass planted last summer.


Sandy's first week of brush hogging was non-eventful even though she had to pull out the other tractor from being stuck on at least five occasions. One day alone she had to pull him out two times. I've asked her to take pictures but she says she keeps forgetting. Humm

Oh, she did run the fork lift into a mound of earth and it came to a screeching halt. She said she first thought she was going to fly through the windshield. When mowing she keeps the fork lift on the front of the tractor about 18" to 24" above the ground. This way she will be alerted to anything like tree stumps in front of her that if ran over could damage the brush hog.

Now to get around to "What's going on"? When we drove back through Lone Star the posted gas prices where back to the $3.89/gal from the $3.79/gal we saw when we left. This all happened in less than two hours. Then today on our way to the drug store these same stations were still $3.89/gal but driving through Dangerfield six miles to our North, we noticed there prices had dropped to $3.77/gal. Let's hope this downward spiral continues. Is it perhaps that the election coming up in November have anything to do with it?????

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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