Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Procrastination On My Part Could Have Put Me In Deep $DO $DO As Well As The Dog House

We've been living (Full Timing) in a RV now for thirteen years. We traveled most of the states but never during this time experienced a problem with the big awning. The main reason we both are pretty good about letting it up each evening before going to bed. We never leave it up when we plan to be away from the MH for shopping.


Sandy in particular is my built in weather watcher. I believe we have at least eight weather apps on our IPhones. She usually will look at several apps and tells me what we might expect. Yesterday she did look at those apps and advised all the systems were way west of us and only a 30% chance. It looked like we would go another day without rain. Sandy went to bed earlier than usual last night. I stayed up till around 11pm. Before going to bed I thought should I let the awning in before going to bed. Nawww….. I convinced myself that it would be fine and proceeded to bed.

Well let me tell you I was awakened about 3:00am this morning with an awful sounding kaboom. What's that..... on no!! Hope that's not our awning. I could hear thunder, strong wind and saw a lot of lighting. The wind was very strong out of the west. I flipped our porch light on and there it was the awning was down on the end nearest our door. I could see part of the arm laying on the ground. The other end was still intact.


About this time Sandy was up and dressed. I told her we were a little late and there was nothing we could do until morning. I did go out in the rain and put our big floor fan into one of the bays. This is the system that rolled through and did our damage. We figure there must have been a mini micro burst in the leading edge of the storm.


This is what we saw this morning. As you can see the awning is down on the front. Also it's resting on the smaller window awning. In close examination it appears the fabric survived and just the support arm was all that was damaged. BIL James drove by on his way to work and surveyed the damage. He said not do anything until this evening when he would come by with one of his helpers and try to put the pieces back together.

I was out looking for other possible damage and noticed one of the small roof antennas was broken. I don't know if this is the radio or CB antenna but it will need replacing. I can't get up on the roof so will have to have it inspected by his worker when he comes.

Checked on line at Camping World and their 22ft A&E 9000 series runs about $1500 plus labor. Also they no longer offer the solid colors. Hope we are able to fix this one??? I've learned this could have been a very expensive lesson and not to procrastinate......get up and do it!!! regardless of what you may think the weather is or isn't going to do.

imageThe parts that broke where the slider off the small bracing arm and the mount it attaches to on the side of the MH. Here are the broken pieces .
After $50 in parts and labor here is the awning back in place. Yes, we were very blessed as it could have been worse. They are forecasting 30% chance of more thunderstorms tonight. This time we did not procrastinate as every thing is buttoned up.


I might mention the worker was very knowledgeable about what had to be done to get us back in business. He also will come back at a later date to wash and clean the MH. He will inspect the roof at that time. As for the dog house Sandy said she would share some of the blame as she is usually very insistent that we roll it up at night before going to bed.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.


  1. Almost made that same mistake myself a few times. :(

  2. Whew.. what a relief that you could fix what you had. We always put ours up too, and put our chairs away each night. Isn't worth having them walk off and have to replace them during the middle of a vacation.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  3. It is always my fault no mater what happens. Sandy is very nice to take part of the blame...Sherri would never do that...she would still be telling everyone how I left the awning out and it got broken. I try to do right but I guess it is a guy thing.

  4. Nice posting about RV. I remeber I have visited your blog one more time when you have posted something about Camping