Thursday, June 21, 2012

She Is At It Again!!!


It's been a little over two and half months since the back forty here at base has been mowed. Today Sandy took advantage of the cooler morning 68F and brushed hogged the back forty. I had asked her to give me a quick lesson on the use of the brush hog and she said I needed to stick with the smaller tractor mower. Now go figure that….. She wants to keep this a secret for her use only. Can’t really blame her as the tractor cab is air conditioned where the smaller tractor mower is open air.Talk about being hot and dusty. When we go several days without rain its one dirty job mowing with the smaller tractor.


It took a little under two hours to mow the very tall grass/weeds. I could tell she felt very comfortable in the mowing compared to when she first brushed hogged the place here. She handled the tractor and brush hog very professional. She even used the tractors' front forklift to move several large tree branches over to the burn pile.

BIL James is planning to run the electrical to the man cave this weekend. Once that is in place we will be looking at TV's, furniture and chairs for the entertainment area. He also has plans to start on the front covered porch. His plans are to install ceiling fans and screen it in. We have a good start on getting stuff out of our cargo trailer over to one of the rooms we will use for storage.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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