Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11 and Part II Of The Cleaning and Waxing Mode


imageI don't know what got into me whether it was being inspired by The Shine Shop man, cooler weather or my knee feeling better but I got busy and detailed the Jeep Liberty. Like in the case of the motorhome I have used The Solution on it many times but decided to use Meguiar's Paste Wax. (click on pictures to enlarge)


I purchased a can of Meguiar's Ultimate Paste Wax new for 2012 and boy was it good. Little pricey around $23 but it went on easy and also hand buffed off easy. I used the applicator pad and micro-fiber rag that came with the kit.
What a difference it made too. Not only did it give a nice protective coating on the surface it also brought out the color and appeared to add a deeper gloss shine to the paint. It took me a little over two hours to do the complete exterior.




Next was to detail the interior which has been neglected on my part. Here we used a mixture of Murphy's Oil and water to clean the dash and door vinyl. Afterwards we applied the 303 to the dash and all vinyl surfaces. For the carpet and fabric seats we like the Turtle Wax or Tuff Stuff Upholstery cleaner shampoo.

While in the cleaning mode I also applied 303 Aerospace Protectant to all of my bay door gaskets. I used 303 to clean and protect the inside skin of the bay doors. I can truly say the addition of the RV port has made a big difference. Without the nice shade it provides from the direct sun most of the day these chores would have been a little tuff to do.

This Wednesday we will drop the Jeep off at a local Chrysler-Jeep dealer for the 70,000 mile tune up and 26 point safety check. I was kind a wanting to look at a 2012 Jeep Liberty but after getting the 06 all spiffed up and checked out we probably will hang on to it. Besides being on fixed income who in the world would want car payments again anyway.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. I wish I had time to do all that cleaning. We just have enough time to do our was re-pack the suit cases and then load them back in the Jeep. I need to wax the MH and the Jeep but just have not found the time.