Sunday, October 14, 2012

Man Cave Finally Gets Electricity


BIL James has been real busy in the oil patch. So busy he hasn't had time to get his 200 amp main in and meter box for the electric company to bring their service drop and meter to the man cave. Well that has finally been accomplished. James had all his work done and his part of the owner requirements for the electrical hookup inspected and passed by the city inspector. Now it was just a matter of waiting on the electric company to come and place their service pole, change out the existing transformer to a larger one and hook up electricity to the man cave.

This past Wednesday about 11:30am three Bowie-Cass Electric company trucks, a cherry picker, a utility pole setting truck and a service/crew truck, pulled up next to the man cave. Being from the city I’ve never experienced this type of installation.The crew consisted of five guys and I've never in my life witness a precision team of workers perform their jobs as these guys. Each person had his specific area of responsibility and went about their duties like a well oiled machine. In a matter of 45 minutes they had changed out to a larger transformer, dug the hole for the service pole, set it and had their overhead power lines to the weather head on the side of the building and installed their meter.

Utility Pole Setting Truck

Utility Pole setting Truck

This not only lifted the utility pole  it also is equipped with an auger for the purpose of digging the hole for the pole. It has a level and plume gage on it that allows the person on the ground to make sure the hole is drilled correctly. It is also equipped with a air compressor and attachment for jack hammering the earth around the pole. I’m sure there are other features not demonstrated in this setting of the utility pole.

Here they are getting ready to dig the hole with the auger. They dug about five feet into the ground and after setting the pole they took the air hammer and packed the earth around the pole. You can see at the end of the boom there is a cradle that holds the utility pole upright.



While these guys were setting the pole a third began to prepare the weather head for the utility drop from the utility pole. The two guys, one in the cherry picker and the other used his pole climbing spikes changed out the transformer to a larger one.  They also prepared the utility drop for the service pole and weather head.




Witnessing this performance and the setting was quite an experience for me. These utility guys deserve a thumps up for a job well done. Their employer should be proud of their work habits. Now on to the task of setting up the man cave.

Until next time. . . .MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. You realize you have the biggest responsibility. Getting that "Man Cave" ready will take more time and know how than setting that pole....LOL Have fun with it and enjoy it everyday.