Thursday, May 6, 2010

Catching Up

Sunday, May  2, 2010

We had our normal crowd of people on Sunday and the usual lookers. Sure thankful for the prior three days of sales. We were a little late tearing down our booth as Sandy helped our neighbors load out first as they had to get back to Lufkin as her husband was to have bladder surgery Monday morning. We were going to stay at our usual site across the way at the creek side but due to the crowds there were still two 5er’s parked where we usually stay Sunday night.

So, we drove down toward the gate and backed intro a spot to drain our holding tanks. I ran the hose to the sewer dump site and pulled the gray water valve and within seconds the gray water started to back up and run on the ground. Yuk! Yes, I know you do your black water first but in this case I’m sure glad it was the gray water. I don’t know why this always happens down in this area when we have a large crowd of RVers but it does. I guess the system just can’t handle large gathering of RV’s. Soooo, we decided to drive on into base at Lone Star and dump at the Loves tuck stop.  Would you believe we drove right by the Loves and didn't even realize it.

Sign  Our next plan was to go to the Antique Capital RV Park in Gladewater for the night as it was getting dark and we don’t like pulling into base in the dark. This park is a PA,  FMCA and TACO park. Their nightly rates are $29 for full hookups. There pads are concrete and very level. Our overnight stay allowed us to do our laundry before leaving for base. Sandy got the washer going and we were off to find a place to eat dinner. Not to many places open on Sunday evenings in this town but we found a Mexican food restaurant that was fairly good.

Monday, May 3, 2010

We pulled out of the park at  8:30 am and in 45 minutes arrived at base. After hooking up the motorhome we went to the bank in Mt Pleasant and Wal-Mart to pick up groceries for Sandy’s mom and ourselves.  Upon our return I decided to mow the three acres and weed eat the fence and culverts. BIL James had made a lot of progress on clearing some more on his four acres and was in the process of laying down his water lines to his future home and had marked the ground for a water line to our site. We had a light rain Monday night and I was sure glad I had the mowing chore behind me.

Tuesday May 4, 2010

We helped pick up small branches and limbs in the area where James is going to start his pad. We also watched the digging of more trenches for his water line. They laid the line to his site and tested for leaks before burying the water pipe. They will star on our line maybe next week. We are making a little progress of having a site that will have full hookups. Gosh wont have to use the blue boy to dump anymore. What are we going to do?

Wednesday May 5, 2010

Sandy was up early as she had to take her mom into Longview for her 90day check up. She had blood work at 8am and the doctor visit wasn’t till 1:30pm. So in between they visited her sister Pam and Mike. I stayed back and did some more weed eating and hedge trimming. When Sandy finally got back about 4pm and she had with her a bird feeder that Pam gave to us. I installed it out on a tree near the motorhome so we could watch the bird activity.  Well we didn't have any that evening as I guess it was to late and they were all in their perches for the night.

Thursday May 6, 2010

image That brings us today and now we are caught up with the going ons of the MtnAire Travlers. Here is our first visitor at the bird feeder. I don’t know what it is but it was small and blue.

Until next time MtnAire Travlers.


  1. We love feeding the birds too! The bird at your feeder is pretty and I can't tell what it is either. Oh well, it is pretty for sure.

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

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