Monday, May 17, 2010

More Visitors and ULine Ice Maker

image We’ve had some new visitors at the bird feeders. Yesterday morning while bird watching Sandy noticed a movement on the ground near the bird feeders. In looking close we discovered a small Jack Rabbit feeding near the  feeders. This little guy or girl was just eating away and every now and then would stop and lick himself or herself. Then it would hop a little and all of a sudden two black crows landed near the rabbit. Let me tell you they were not happy with the rabbits presence near their food on the ground. They actually attacked the rabbit from the front and back,. When they would peck the rabbit it would jump straight up like a bouncing ball. They were finally able to persuade the rabbit to leave their area. image

Later that morning we had another rabbit show up but this time no crows. It was able to graze without being tormented. As far as I know it might have been the same little rabbit.

Yesterday afternoon Sandy told me the Uline ice Maker was tripping our breaker again but, this time when we reset the breaker it would trip again. This doesn’t look good so, I took it out of the cabinet it was mounted in and inspected it for possible water that may have leaked on the electrical panel. No water soooo it must be the compressor or fan motor that has gone bad. We loaded it into the Jeep and headed to the Uline dealer in Longview. This is a one man operation and guess what when we got to his place of business he wasn't there and had a note he would return at 12.:30 pm. Gosh what are we going to do for three and one-half hours. I know lets go to Best buy and look at laptops. After about two hours there we came away with some possibilities for Sandy’s laptop. No decision made yet though. We have ruled out the netbook. For the price of it she can get a HP laptop for about the same price and in a smaller package than the standard laptop. It also has a lot more features, operating systems with a 4G Hard drive and 500G memory. That afternoon the Uline guy called and said he was back. Off we go to his place across town where we dropped the Uline off and it will be three to four days before he can give us a verdict. Our decision on the laptop will have to be put on hold tell we know the outcome of his inspection. The MSRP price on this guy should we have to buy one is $1,068.00. Ouch! Let's hope it is something simple.

Until next time….MtnAire Travlers.

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  1. We will keep our fingers crossed on the ice machine....hopefully it will be a quick fix.

    I have an HP laptop and enjoy it. Our son has the Toshiba and his has a litle more "stuff" than mine but he also loves it. I like the size of mine better than his. Mike has our older Sony. Bought in our "other" life so we didn't mind the high price. Don't know if we would replace it with another Sony because of that. Great machine though. Good luck on your laptop purchase.

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri